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You might be among the list of people who have been willing to switch to straight razors for a while but don’t know where to start. The experience with straight razors is awesome provided you got the right guidance before making the purchase. There are many straight razor kits for beginners that are very good for beginners but first, here are some tips about using a straight razor.

Buying tips straight razor kits

  • Ensure that the razor you decide to purchase is actually shave ready. This means that it should professionally honed. Do not go for a vintage razor if you are a beginner. Gain experience with the straight razor first then you can start using the vintage pieces.
  • When beginning, a blade that is between one hundred dollars to one hundred and twenty five dollars will do. This price will get you a straight razor that has a good steel grade. The shape and size will also be good. You should take care not to invest so much on the straight razor without knowing whether it will go with your face. Let your face adapt the blade since you’ll be trying a new shaving method. Also, adjust to the new shaving lifestyle and then spend all you want on it.
  • A comfortable size of about 5/8 inches is good for a beginner. This size is easy to hold and facilitates easy maneuvering. You will advance slowly as you learn the art of using the razor.

Most of us have very busy lifestyles which require us to use tools of low maintenance and high efficiency. Getting a razor with these qualities is a great advantage. For a wonderful experience, it’s wise to start well. The following sets guarantee a good start and a tremendous experience. All the essential tools are incorporated in the sets.

Best straight razor its for beginners

1. Dovo full hollow carbon steel:

This razor comes from a company which has been in operation since 1906. The company has been producing leading shaving tools since it was founded. This specific model is a top seller. The handle provides a very nice grip which will come in handy when shaving. The handle is rugged so that it doesn’t get slippery; it would be very bad if you mess your face. The blade is 5/8 inches Swedish steel. It’s very good for someone who is not familiar with straight razors. Check Price & read more information.

2. Dovo silver shavette straight razor:

This razor model is designed in such a way that it uses disposable razors. This means that there won’t be a need to sharpen the blade. The main body consists of stainless steel. The blade holder is also of good quality since it’s made of a durable plastic. You’ll need to snap the blade since it uses a half blade. Read more Read more information here.

3. Parker SR1 stainless steel straight edge razor:

Parker has also been known for manufacturing quality blades over the years. The arm of this razor is made of stainless steel. It also does not require sharpening because it uses disposable blades. The replacing blades are sold at friendly prices. This means that the maintenance will be very cheap. Check price & availability here.

4. Sweeney Todd type straight razor Yc116:

This is one of the cheapest brands. It is all metal thus can feel a little heavy. It’s shorter than most razors. The cheaper nature doesn’t mean that its quality is low; it gives you a very clean close shave. Click here to read more information.

5. Feather SS Japanese straight razor:

The handle of this razor is designed to give the most comfortable grip for a clean shave. It’s totally heat resistant. The handle is made of stainless steel. The head is rounded thereby guaranteeing a smooth shave. This Japanese brand is found in many luxurious barber shops and salons. It’s a little bit expensive but if you can afford it, you can be assured that the experience will be worth every penny. Click here to check more information.

Any of the above straight razors will give you an awesome experience as you begin using straight razors. Make sure you chose the one that gives you the best comfort both in shaving and monetary wise.

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