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Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart Head Shaver Review

In today’s world, your outward appearance tells a whole lot about the type of person that you really are. As a matter of fact, your hair style uniquely identifies you, irrespective of your outfit. The bald head and beard is a very common style among men of various classes. This unique style, unlike others, requires more frequent shaves. While some people visit their barbers shop on a regular, others prefer to do the job themselves with their own personal electric shaver. This latter, for me, is the best and more convenient option.

skull shaver bald eagle smart

Choosing the right electric shaver for your skull could be a little tedious and requires careful examination of your preferences and needs. The skull shaver bald eagle smart electric head shaver is a really great choice and one of the best options you would get. This review will explain in details why this product will make the best choice for you, including pros and cons to make sure that you are properly guided.


The skull shaver bald eagle smart electric head shaver is an electric shaver uniquely designed for bald head and face shaving. So if you are that man, that wants a clean shave 24/7, then you would find this product very useful. It is quite portable and has a lot of amazing features some of them include the following;

  • Five rotator cutters for fast and close shave: This feature will ensure that you have shorter shaving sessions. The blades are very durable and work really fast to achieve a very comfortable and smooth shave and overall great results.
  • Horizontal handle design: This product also features a unique handle allows for easy reach and you can also shave in any direction.
  • Rechargeable lithium cordless ion battery: This bald shaver uniquely features a rechargeable cordless battery that allows for up to 90 minutes of operation. This means you can use it again and again without having to recharge it.
  • Easy to clean: In addition to being easy to use, this shaver is also very easy to clean. It is cleaned by simply submerging the shaver head into a bowl of warm water after every shave.
  • Multiple voltage support: This product is designed to support multiple voltage levels and ranges from 110V to 220V. This feature will allow you to charge your shaver safely at any time. Read more information here.

Key benefits

There are various benefits of owning one of these bald shavers; some of them are listed below.

  • You can quickly and conveniently shave your head and face at the comfort of your home and office.
  • Since the skull shaver bald eagle smart shaver is portable, it is ready for travel at any time of the day.
  • It will save you the time and money spent on regular barbing sessions in your barber’s shop.

Who should buy & why?

This product is recommended for every gentleman whose personals style is the bald head. Also, anyone who wants to join the bald league would also find this as a great buy. This is because maintaining a perfect skull will require consistent and more frequent shaving sessions, depending on the individual. Hence, owning such a device would be a lot more convenient than having to visit your barber on a daily.


  •  Easy to use and clean
  •  Ideal for wet or dry shave
  •  Very smooth and comfortable shave
  •  Portable and rechargeable
  •  Very lightweight
  • Compatible with accessories and attachments


  •  Very expensive
  •  Not ideal with shaving cream

Best alternatives

Depending on your needs and preference, there are a lot of bald head shavers available in the market, some of which are low-quality devices but others can be seen as good alternatives for the skull shaver bald eagle smart electric head shaver. Some of the best alternatives are listed below;

This product is a great alternative and is a lot more affordable than the main product. It is also portable and just like the main product, is ideal for both wet and dry shaving sessions.

This is another great alternative for the main product and is quite similar to the first alternative. It is designed for a high powered shave, comfortable, wet, and dry shave and is also very affordable.

Final Thought

Choosing personal items such as this product category may be very challenging because they will have direct contact with your body. Hence, you should look out for shavers that are not only efficient but also safe to use. The skull shaver bald eagle smart shaver is an ideal product because it is very safe, as a matter of fact, one of the safest devices to use. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants a quality bald head shaver. Check price & Availability on Amazon.