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Remington PG525 Review

Remington PG525 Shaver allows a man to achieve a close shave without any risk of skin irritation or razor burns. Remington is known for their line of affordable men’s groomers. Remington PG525 is affordable and comprises of key features that will making your shaving experience swifter and efficient. Remington PG525-Shaver is suitable for men who prefer a one-in-all device. This model gives you a perfect cut, incredible performance, and it’s more affordable.remington pg525


Remington PG525 is a cordless and rechargeable product that comes custom with blades that provides a user head to toe body groomer. You will experience a pleasant grooming session as you sit back let your device take over. Remington-PG525 has a long lasting rechargeable lithium battery that saves up to 70 minutes run time. Your device is able to maintain a consistent power with each charge.

A kit comes inclusive of a shaver, a stand, charging cord and plug, three trimmer combs, and four attachment heads. Remington PG525 trims facial hair, leaving a user with a smooth finish. There are eight length hair clipper combs which adjust to a users preferred style. You will be able to rim your hair, and have even lengths on both sides.

Three different beard and stubble comb attachments will help you maintain a perfectly cut facial hair. You will be able to shave down to a day’s stubble. It comes inclusive of nose, ear, and detail trimmer attachments which are easy to attach and use. Safely remove any unwanted hair from your ears or nostrils with ease.

Key Benefits:

You will be able to use your device while the cord is plugged in – if your device is completely dead, you will need to give it a few minutes to juice up. When groomer is ready to use, a green light will light up letting you know that it’s ready for use.

This model has a sleek curved design that makes it easy to hold in your hands. There is a white on/ off power switch located in the middle – incredibly easy-to-use model.

 Who Should Buy & Why?

Remington PG525-Shaver is suitable for men who prefer a one-in-all device. You will be able to shave your face, head, torso, legs, and even you back. Anyone who wants to have a clean cur should definitely consider purchasing one.


– 60 minute run time

– Self-sharpening surgical steel blades

– 3-length adjustable comb

– Adjustable guide combs

– Washable attachments

– 8 length hair clipper comb

– Charging indicator light

– Nose, ear, and detail trimmer attachments

– Foil shaver attachments

– Lithium battery that can save up to 70 minutes of juice


– Rechargeable, but not water proof.

Best Alternatives:

A good alternative is Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3 in 1 men’s Body Groomer with Beard Trimmer. This model gives you a perfect cut, incredible performance, and it’s more affordable.

Final Thought:

Remington PG525 comprises of a long-lasting battery that drives more energy to motor. The surgical steel blades are long lasting and perform pretty well. This model has a self-sharpening blade system that ensures your razors are always sharp. Full size trimmer attachments have the capability of trimming sideburns, facial hair, and neckline.

Body trimmer adjustments can be used on just about any part of your body. Foil-shaver attachment comfortably shaves close to skin without causing any razor burn. 3 beard & stubble combs will easily cut and maintain an even beard – even a day’s stubble. All in all, another high-quality product from Remington! Click here to purchase the product on amazon.