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Philips Norelco Shaver 4600 Reviews

Philips Norelco Shaver 4600 uses a set of rotary blades to provide a close shave. Norelco 4600 comprises of three shaving heads which are armed with high tech features that enable them to cut short and long hair at the same time. You will receive a smooth finish in less time. Once you switch to Philips-4600, skin irritation and razor burns will be a thing of the past. Let us take a closer look at what make this model a good option for men with both long and short facial hair.

philips norelco shaver 4600


Norelco Shaver 4600 has a more ergonomic design and allows user to set motor speed to preferred speed. This model is made from sturdier materials and high tech features. It comes with 2 sets of HQ2 Shaving Heads (one on your device and one in a plastic package for later replacement). Series 4600 comes with an LED display which indicates charging percentage and head replacement. You will note that instead of the old red and green light indicators found in previous model, this updated device uses white, green, and orange (more information about these indicators will be on your manual).

Amongst the 4000 series, 4600 is the quietest – you will be able to groom yourself without waking up your partner. Keep in mind that your device is waterproof meaning that you can use it as you shower. When compared to other brands within its price range, Norelco 4600 provides a closer, smoother cut in lesser time.

Backside trimmer provides a more precise trim. Thanks to tilt/ pivoting head, a user can reach those hard-to-shave places with no effort from their end.

 Key Benefits:

One major benefit is how much time is shaved-off from your morning routine. Philips 4600 can yield similar (if not better) results in a short amount of time.

The innovative pivoting head works to your advantage – all three shaving heads flex and bend to follow curves and folds of your features. As they flex, they cut off any hairs along the way, giving you a perfectly smooth finish.

 Who Should Buy & Why?

Just as other Philips models, 4600 series is a good option for anyone who enjoys grooming while showering. Also, if you wake up earlier than your partner, Philips norelco shaver 4600 is a good option for you because it’s very quiet while performing its duties.

Due to three rotating heads, anyone with thick or thin facial hair should purchase Norelco 4600 as it can tackle all types of beards.


  •  Lightweight – easy to carry with you anywhere you please
  •  Supercharge mode offers 15-minutes use from a 5-minute charge
  •  Comes with a shaving-head cover to protect from dust and other bacteria’s
  •  Can tackle all types of facial-hair
  •  LED indicator will prompt you when needed


  •  Cannot be used while charging

 Best Alternatives:

All Philips 4000 series are good alternatives. Give Philips 4500 or Philips 4100 a shot if you think 4600 is not for you. They have near similar features but all differ in performance. Final decision is up to you whether you prefer the 4600 – which is an upgrade from above mentioned alternatives – or older models suit you better.

 Final Thought:

Grooming can be a daunting task if you are not armed with correct devices. That is why we have done the hard part for you. After countless research, we believe that Philips Norelco shaver 4600 is a good product to consider. It is armed with quality features, comprises of advanced technology progresses, and its highly durable. Leave a comment below and let us know what you thought about your Philips Norelco 4600.

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