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Finding the right Philips ladies shaver for your personal needs can be a challenge. With an overwhelming number of products on the market, the trial-and-error method may leave you feeling frustrated and your bank account drained. Whatever model you choose, Philips is an excellent brand when it comes to women’s electric shavers.This Philips ladies shaver review will help you decide which Philips ladies shaver is right for you.

Philips is a great company to trust when it comes to shaving tools. The brand offers a variety of models, all at affordable prices. Though each Philips ladies’ shaver has its own unique features, all Philips shavers are built with the modern woman in mind. Let’s take a look at three of the top electric shavers Philips has to offer.

 1.  Philips HP6341 LadyShaver:

This first Philips shaver for ladies is perfect if you’re a busy woman on-the-go. The Philips HP6341 LadyShaver Electric Shaver can be used on the entire body and makes shaving efficient and safe.

The shaver’s small head trims hairs quickly, while the ergonomic grip allows for easy handling, leaving you with smooth, cut-free skin. Priced at $29.96, this shaver is wireless and can be used dry or wet. Click here to read more information.

 2. Philips HP6366 Double Contour Sensitive LadyShaver:

With a few extra features, the Philips HP6366 Double Contour Sensitive LadyShaver is a great alternative to the HP6341 model. On sale for $46.47, this shaver comes equipped with a pivoting double foil shaving head, which provides a close shave over all of the body’s curves. This shaver can be used in wet or dry conditions and offers 40 minutes of wireless shaving, as well as an aloe vera strip to soothe skin and prevent irritation. Click here to read more information.

3.  Philips HP6370 Double Contour Sensitive LadyShaver:

For the ultimate shaving experience, try the Philips HP6370 Double Contour Sensitive LadyShaver. This tool is a little pricey at $67.87, however, it is equipped with several optimal features that the other shavers lack. The HP6370 comes with its own stylish carrying case and multiple attachments, including a comb and bikini-specific head to make trimming and shaping effortless.

The shaver’s hypoallergenic golden foils and aloe vera strip work together to keep skin smooth, while the built-in opti-light helps you catch finer hairs and achieve the closest possible shave. Like the HP6366 model, this shaver has a pivoting double foil head and can be used either wet or dry. It can run wirelessly for up to 40 minutes, and includes a low-battery indicator to tell you when your shaver needs recharging.


Though all three versions of the Philips ladies shaver have their merits, the HP6366 Double Contour Sensitive LadyShaver takes first place. This Philips model meets the daily shaving needs of the modern woman for an affordable price. The pivoting double foil shaving head will ensure a close shave every time, meaning you’ll be able to get away with shaving less often. With the soothing aloe vera strip, your skin will feel silky and bump-free after each shave.

Final Thought:

Whatever model you choose, Philips is an excellent brand when it comes to women’s electric shavers. Hopefully this Philips ladies’ shaver review will help you decide which Philips shaver for ladies makes the cut.

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