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Panasonic Arc 3 shavers give a clean, close shave wet or dry. The sharp design of the blades gets so close to the skin that even your five o-clock shadow is afraid to come out. If you have been unhappy with what you’ve been using to shave, it’s time to make the switch to a Panasonic Arc 3 Shaver today. These shavers promise a superior shave day after day.

Why are Panasonic Arc 3 Shavers the Best?

Panasonic Arc 3 Shavers are designed with men in mind – whether hairy and not so hairy, a Panasonic Arc 3 Shaver can handle it all. The all in one body and beard trimmer, for example, will keep your facial hair well-groomed while handling extra hair on the body as well. The Panasonic Arc 3 – 3 Blade System is another in the series that can groom you from head to toe. So stop fumbling with disposable razors that knick and cause razor burn. Instdad, opt for the sleek, clean shave of a Panasonic Arc 3 Shaver. They also make great gifts!

Key Benefits of the Panasonic Arc 3 Shavers

  • Close, comfortable shave without cuts, scrapes or razor burn
  • Flexible and durable. This is the only razor you will need for a long, long time.
  • Convenient, use wet or dry. Shave in the shower or in front of the sink.


Panasonic Arc 3 Shaver takes modern technology to new heights with this out-of-the-world shaver. Taking care of hair on your face and other areas have never been easier. And with easy clean up, this is a razor that you soon won’t be able to live with out. Of course, they thought of everything when they made the Panasonic Arc 3 Shaver and included a travel pouch so you can take it on business trips or family vacations.

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