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Just as men need a high quality groomer, so do women. Panasonic close curves ES2207P is a ladies electric shaver with pop-up trimmer that allows for a close shave. No longer do you have to keep spending your hard earned money on products that are made similar to men’s products. With this model, a woman is able to use it with ease as it is specifically made to cate… Read more

Looking to try out a better way of shaving? You might just be surprised as to how effective safety razors are. Safety razors aren’t as popular these days as they were before. They have been replaced with costly razors like Mach 3, 4, 5, 6+ turbo and so on. Yet, safety razors still hold their own charm. While they aren’t as cost effective, they are saf… Read more

Remington PG525 Shaver allows a man to achieve a close shave without any risk of skin irritation or razor burns. Remington is known for their line of affordable men’s groomers. Remington PG525 is affordable and comprises of key features that will making your shaving experience swifter and efficient. Remington PG525-Shaver is suitable for men who prefe… Read more

Panasonic is a well respected brand that is available worldwide. The Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 model comes with three blades that are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel. These blades will easily cut your facial hair at a 30 degree angle – you do not need to try as hard to get a smooth finish. ES8103s Arc-3 comprises of slits on the foil surface of your blad… Read more

Philips Norelco Shaver 4100 model AT810 41 comes in a beautiful blue, silver, and black plastic body. This model has been designed to offer men a smooth shaving finish like never before. This item is highly durable and affordable. It comprises of fantastic features which work together to provide you with a device that will exceed your grooming expectations… Read more

One frequent question on online shaving forums is; should you shave your pubic area? That’s because many blogs tend to give only the downsides of this process. That makes people consider shaving pubic area as something which they should be afraid of doing, for example, out of the fear of cutting their pubic skin. However, you shouldn’t be scared of shavi… Read more

Do you want to know how to shave male pubic hair? There are many benefits of shaving male pubic hair. They include improved hygiene and confidence levels. That’s because excess male pubic hair can lead to itchiness on your pubic area. However, you should be careful when shaving this area. That’s because it’s a sensitive area. That means you should take … Read more

Do you want to know how to shave mustache? Mustache enables you to portray a fresh and confident image. However, you need to know how to shave it without destroying it or damaging your skin. The cosmetic market has many products that purport to be the best when it comes to mustache shaving. That means you also need to have tips that can help you when it comes to shav… Read more

There is nothing better than using an effective and efficient shaver to give you an amazing shaving experience – you feel dapper and have more self confidence when you achieve a more close shave. There are countless shavers introduced into the market every other day and picking one that will cater to all your needs can be a daunting task. This is why we have do… Read more