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Merkur Safety Razor Reviews

Merkur safety razor is designed with stainless steel and a single razor blade. It provides close and comfortable shave based on the balance provided by the razor handle. Using this high quality razors, you will reduce considerably ingrown hairs, post-shave pimples, or razor bumps. This razor is also light in weight and this means that you don’t have to use too much pressure to achieve a clean and smooth shave.

 Awesome Head Style and Handles:

Merkur razors has a variety of head styles ranging from a straight safety bar, open comb, or slant bar. There are a variety of handles from 2 piece, 3 piece, and adjustable razors. They tend to have very good knurling on the handles, that is helpful when your hands are slippery. Merkur is a great brand to explore if you have not found exactly the perfect safety razors.

Very Solid Construction:

The construction of Merkur razors is very solid. So there is no flexing, or twisting when shaving and the satin finish allows it to just glide along the skin. It’s body is fairly heavy, almost no pressure is needed to shave. All Merkur Razors are well built and will become your lifetime shaving companion.

How to choose Merkur safety razor that best fit for you?

Merkur differentiates their razors by the following criteria:

  • Handle length(Long or Short)
  • Head construction(2 or 3 piece)
  • Closed comb  or open comb
  • Adjustable or fixed razor

Merkur Safety Razor reviews:

1. Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor 180:

This is the best selling safety razor on Amazon. This Long Handled Safety Razor has a chrome finish. Its double edge design provides a very close shave. Its comfortable extra long handle is designed for a non-slip grip and works well with all hands especially larger hands.

Key Feature & Benefits:

  •  Though it is made with stainless steel , so it is very strong enough to last for a longer period of time.
  • The shiny chrome finish make it look very nice and new even after using for a longer period of time.
  • Its closed comb design facilitates for a close and clean shave.
  • The textures on its handle ensures a very secure grip while shaving under wet conditions.
  •  It’s wide enough shaving head cover a wide surface area and offer you with a first and comfortable shave .

This Merkur Shaving Razor works great on moderate and  heavier beards while providing you with a closer and irritation-free shave. This safety razor will also work very effectively when it comes to cutting stray and coarse hairs especially around the face and neck area.  Click here to purchase the product on Amazon.

2. Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor:


This Razor is beautifully designed with a chrome finish. It has a knurled handle that offers plenty of grip and is weighted nicely for a great smooth shaving experience.Nothing can beat the original safety razors with their replaceable double-edged blades that provide a smooth, clean shave.

Key Features & Benefits:

  •  Its chrome plating on top gives it a shiny look while protecting it from any rust or damage. So you can do your wet-shaves for a many years.
  • Its three piece design enables the user to easily unscrew the shaving-head from the handle and replacement very easy and quicker. It also makes the safety-razor much easier to clean and maintain.
  • The handle is a bit shorter compared to those on other razors but surprisingly this handle offers a firm grip when shaving because it’s well-textured on top. This handle also feels comfortable and hefty when held into your hands.
  • The head on this razor fits any standard double-edge razor and it is also a bit wide hence it will be able to cover a large section while offering you with a smooth shave. Click here to check more information .

The firm grip, balance and hefty-feel of the handle makes it very user friendly whereby it feels very comfortable to hold and use as you shave under wet-conditions. This razor is also light in weight and this means that you don’t have to use too much pressure to achieve a clean and smooth shave.