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Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor Review

Just a few years back, electric shavers were not as trustworthy as they are today. They used to be expensive and never quite gave you that close shave you expected. That was until Philips came along with their series of incredibly innovative groomers that changed how men cut their facial hair. If you are tired of spending tons of money on disposable razors that leave you with razor burns and other skin irritations, then you should definitely opt for a safety razor.

Finding the right safety razor can be very tricky – this is due to all those different types and model available on the current market. Some come with long handles while others come with short ones that are hard to hold. Luckily for you, we have done the hard part for you – after countless research, we have to see that Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor is fantastic and handy little device that deserves a closer look.

merkur long handled safety razor


First thing to note is just how affordable this product is. With as little as $20, you can purchase this all metal item that will last you a lifetime – provided you maintain it well. Merkur is a German brand which has been in business for over a century.

Merkur 180 are high-quality safety razors which provide a user with an exceptionally close shave. They have perfect balance and their handles are non-slip, giving a user required stability that ensure they do not slip or mistakenly cut too close to skin.

This model is a 3-part-razor which can snap together or be taken apart. It comprises of a handle, a guard, and a top.

Key Benefits:

Merkur long handled safety razor has a good weight which is important when it comes to using a razor. Its blades are incredibly sharp and you can cut yourself easily if you need to exert too much pressure to get it rolling. This product provides just enough weight that you don’t have to a lot.

Its simplicity also works in your favor. Disassembling your razor is swift, making it ideal for cleaning it out when it’s clogged with hair.

Who Should Buy & Why?

This item is very light as well. This product is suitable for anyone looking for a long handle – it measures in at approximately 4 inches long. If you have wider and longer hands, then this device will be ideal for you.

Also, for anyone who enjoys shaving in the shower, they should consider buying one of this. Thanks to its hallow handle that provides a user with a firm grip, your device will not slip when wet, making it an ideal item to use under running water.


  •  It is light weight
  •  Its weight is just enough to apply required pressure but not too heavy that you will have to slow down your strokes
  • This model is beginner friendly
  •   Highly affordable 


  •  If you have never used a safety razor before, you will have a difficult time learning how to use it correctly – allocate more shaving-time in the morning for the first few days.

 Best Alternatives:

  Best alternative is Parker 99R Safety-Razor. It features almost similar characteristics as above mentioned product. However, it is produced by another manufacturer meaning that it provides a user with a different feel and touch – if Merkur is not your preferred brand, give Parker a shot.

Final Thought:

Merkur long handled safety razor is good for both beginners and experienced shavers. When trying to find a grooming option that is pocket friendly, you cannot do better than safety razors as they are incredibly durable and affordable.

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