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How To Tweeze Eyebrows The Perfect Way

Women have been using tweezers to shape their eyebrows for years. How to tweeze eyebrows is an easy way to define the shape of your eyebrows and get rid of any unwanted hairs that you have on your face. Tweezing can be done at your own home or you can go to a spa and have it done by a professional. Tweezing pulls out unwanted hairs at the roots and is an easy cost-effective way to shape your eyebrows yourself. Tweezers are inexpensive to purchase and can be found at most drugstores.

What is Tweezing?

Tweezing is done by using tweezers to pull out eyebrow hairs one hair at a time. Tweezers are usually made of metal and are squeezed together to grab onto a single hair at a time and then the hair is plucked out. Each hair is pulled out one at a time, which gives you more control of how the brows will be shaped when you are done.

Tweezing eyebrows gives you better control than having your eyebrows waxed. Waxing pulls out many hairs all at the same time and is harder to control how the eyebrow will be shaped. The issue with waxing is too many hairs can be pulled out at the same time which leaves brows looking over plucked which is not attractive. Using tweezers to shape your brows gives you more control over the shape of your eyebrows and helps to prevent removing too much hair all at once.

Tweezing can be done at home and is an easy and cost effective way to remove excess eyebrow hairs. No spa appointment is needed to do your own eyebrows. Many women do their own eyebrows at home, though some may prefer to go to a spa and have someone else shape their eyebrows for them. Whichever method you choose, plucking is a good option for making your brows look more attractive and have a better shape.

The Benefits of Tweezing Eyebrows

The benefits of tweezing your eyebrows include tweezers give you more control and make it easy for you to shape the perfect eyebrow. Since each hair is pulled out one by one, it is easier to control the shape of your eyebrow and achieve the look that you want.

Hairs take longer to grow back since they have been pulled out by the root. Slanted tweezers are more gentle on skin than pointy ones because they make it easier to grab onto smaller hairs and won’t pull on your skin like pointy tweezers will. Eyebrows can be tweezed anytime they start to grow out to maintain a well-shaped eyebrow look.

How to Tweeze Eyebrows

The best way to tweeze your eyebrows is right after you shower since the heat from the shower will soften the hair and open the follicles, which makes the hair come out easier. Numbing gel such as Orajel can be dabbed on before tweezing to numb the pain of having the hairs pulled out. A numbing gel is an option, but brows can be tweezed without using numbing gel and it’s your choice if you want to do them after you have taken a shower

. You can also use a warm damp washcloth to steam your brows before plucking to open the follicle and make it easier to remove the hair. A pencil can be used as a guide to know which hairs to pull out. Your eyebrow should begin above the tear duct of your eye and end at a 45-degree angle from the outer corner of your eye. You can use eyeliner to draw where these points are and remove any hair that falls outside of this area.

Hairs in the middle of the eyebrow can be plucked out to create an arch, just be careful to not make the arch too high or it will look unnatural. Eyebrows can also be filled in using a brow pencil to their ideal thickness and shape and then remove any hairs that are outside of that area. Cortizone cream can be applied after removing hair to reduce redness and inflammation. Though it’s your choice if you use this cream or not. Irritation can sometimes occur to skin after plucking, and moisturizer can also be applied to the area to tame the skin.


How to tweeze  eyebrows is an easy way that you can shape your eyebrows and make them look more attractive. Tweezers are easy to find at most drugstores. Tweezing gives you more control than waxing does when it comes to removing eyebrow hairs. Make sure to draw on your eyebrows or measure exactly which hairs will need to be removed before tweezing.