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How To Trimming Beard The Right Way

Throughout history, society has had varied attitudes towards beards. They are heavily affected by the culture’s religion and fashion trends. In some religions, like the Sikhs believe it is absolutely essential that all men who are able to grow a beard should do so. Some cultures believe that the beard is representative of the man’s virility. What’s strange, is other cultures believe that the beard is unhygienic and uncivilized. Rastafarians believe that beards are a symbol of the covenant between God, so it should never be cut.

In modern society, there are some prohibitions against beards due to job safety, including airline pilots, the gas industry, and firefighters. High School wrestling teams require beards to be shaven in order to be able to compete. Views on beards are slowly changing and they’re becoming popular again. Beards can be viewed as a work of art, as there are many styles in which they can be cut. The World Beard and Mustache Championships is a get together that happens every other year in which they grade and evaluate beards. The longest beard in history was 8 feet long on the face of a man named Hans Langseth.

When Should You Start Trimming Your Beard?

You should begin by being committed to growing a beard. The ability to grow the beard requires you to not shave your face, and let it grow out a good length before you touch it. Don’t trim or shave or touch that beard for four weeks. One of the biggest mistakes people make is starting to trim their hair too early. Don’t do it. Leave it alone for four weeks and let it get thick before you do anything with it.

After four weeks you can start shaping the beard. You can start marking neck lines and cheek lines. If you are unsure how to do this you might want to visit a professional barber the first time. Do your research when choosing your barber, make sure they know how to do what it is you’re looking for in a beard. You can do this by contacting the barber shop or viewing their gallery online if they have one.

How To Trimming Beard With Razor

There’s a lot of controversy about how to trimming beard with a razor but having a razor is actually an essential part of any beard care kit. There’s a time and a place for your scissors and trimming kit. When trimming your beard with a razor you can keep your beard at your preferred length and style parts of your beard like your mustache and chin area.

There are a few types of razors you need to be aware of. First one is the cartridge razor; they are easy to find and are located everywhere. They’re also great because they have moisture strips which keep your skin healthy and soft.

The second is the cartridge razor. These, even though they do not have a moisture strip are actually great for sensitive skin. Safety razors are a little expensive when initially buying but the running costs are way cheaper than cartridge razors, as you will only be spending about a dollar a month on replacement razors.

Your last option is the straight razor. These are extremely precise and are definitely worth the investment. When you visit a professional barber, they will most likely be using the straight razor and there is a good reason for it. If you have never used a straight razor, you will find it difficult at first. They take time and effort to learn how to use. You need to learn how to hold the straight razor and use it to get the desired effect.

Step One: Prepare Your Face for Grooming

Wash and cleanse your beard with warm water. This helps prepare your skin just like when your shaving. It softens the hair and opens your pores. This will ensure a painless shave.

Step Two: You Need to Lather

There are a few lathering options available to you. You can use canned lathering gel that lathers easily in your hands. You can also do it the old fashioned way which includes a brush and shave soap.

Go ahead and apply the lather to your entire beard.

Step Three: Map Out Where You Want To Shave

Using your fingernail, you are going to map out exactly where you plan on shaving and lining the beard.

Step Four: It’s Time To Shave

You’re going to shave off what you mapped out. Here’s a tip, try to shave with the grain. If you shave against the grain you will increase your chance of cutting yourself or irritating your skin.

Step Five: Clean Up Your Mess

This should be a given. You’ll want to wash off whatever soap remains on your beard, throw all your hair away that you shaved off and dry your face off real well. Aftershave is often a forgotten tool in the beard department. You will want to apply aftershave to the areas you shaved. The product will keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

Best Beard Trimming Kits Available

There are many beard trimming kits out there but here are some of the best out there.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100 (Model BT9285/41)

This beard trimmer is the best on the market. It is extremely accurate and is extremely easy to clean. It will run for an entire hour without being plugged in or charged and it has a two-year warranty. It’s on the expensive end, but if you want your trim to be accurate; this is the tool to do it. This beard trimmer has seventeen different length settings so you can achieve the exact look you want.

Philips Norelco BT7215/49 Vacuum Beard

This bears trimmer has an awesome eighty-minute power life! What’s also awesome is it has a vacuum feature. It is the only beard trimmer out there that has this feature. As much as 90 percent of the hair you cut off will make it into the beard trimmers vacuum.

The Best Beard Trimming Tips We Can Provide When Trimming & Maintaining

– Some recommend only seeing a professional barber when getting your beard trim, but it will prove to be handy throughout your life if you can learn how to trimming beard and maintain on your own.

– You want to make sure you have all the tools you need to obtain your desired beard look and also maintain it as long as you desire to have it. You might want to use scissors to trim your beard, or you might find the electric beard trimmers to be better suited for you and your needs. There is something nostalgic about using scissors as it brings us back to our ancestral roots.

– If you like using scissors, don’t skimp on any pair. Get out there and find a professional set of scissors. There are many barber scissors to choose from.

– If you are purchasing a beard trimming tool try to find one that is cordless so you don’t have to worry about the cords getting in your way.

– A wide tooth comb will prove helpful in the beard trimming process. If you have a mustache you will want a fine tooth comb. There are barber specialty shops that sell mustache combs.

– You do not want to trim a wet mustache or beard. The hair will be longer due to the weight of the water on it. When your beard dries you might be unhappy to find out that you cut your beard or mustache too short.

– To trim your mustache you will want to comb the hair straight down. It also looks best if you allow the hair to grow all the way up to the nose.

– Don’t pluck out stray hairs. Use a trimmer or scissors to cut it to the right length.

– Make sure to clean your beard regularly just like you would do with your hair on your head. Mild shampoo’s will not dry your skin out as much. If you choose to condition your hair, make sure to wash it out completely otherwise your skin might start flaking.

– Beard Oils are a personal preference but it does a great job at keeping the hair soft and healthy.

– Feel free to experiment! It’s your beard and you get to do with it what you want.

Shaving Vs Trimming Beard

There are many health benefits to having a beard versus a clean shaven face. In the end it is all personal preference, but here are some things to think about.

Having a beard will keep your face safe from the sun. Exposing your skin to the sun increases it’s chance of becoming leathery and wrinkled over time. If you aren’t the type to regularly apply sun block to your face, a beard might be the perfect way to keep your face safe.

A beard will also help keep your face warm and safe from the elements in the winter. Having facial hair is a natural safety mechanism to keep you from the elements.

Did you know a beard can keep your safe from diseases? Facial hair assists in keeping airborne diseases out of your mouth.

Having a beard will also help keep bacterial infections at bay. Meaning, you can say goodbye to facial acne and cysts on the surface of your skin due to shaving it repeatedly. When you shave you risk opening up the skin which allows in bacteria’s.

Most men feel more handsome and confident with a beard. It’s a very apparent feature that separates us from women. They allow us to embrace what contributes to making us manly. Beard are also a cultural thing and can help us bond us with the other men in our life that grow beards.

How Long Should I Grow My Beard Before Trimming It?

You don’t want to trim when all you have is stubble appearing. You will want your beard to grow out as it naturally does for four weeks before you start trimming it and designing it.

Beards take time, this isn’t something that happens overnight or even in a couple of days. Leave it be for four weeks and then style it. Try not to lose your patience, and if you are concerned about what your beard looks like, try to grow it out initially while on a vacation.

Does Trimming Your Beard Make It Grow Faster?

The rate on which growing your beard and it’s thickness depends on genetics. Cutting your beard or trimming it does not affect the rate in which it grows at all. The fastest way to grow your beard is to take good care of your skin; making sure it’s moisturized and healthy. Keep your skin clean. Clean skin encourages hair to grow. Use a facial moisturizer that has eucalyptus in it. Eucalyptus is a great way to cleanse the skin and kill any bacteria so that your hair will grow it’s best.


There are endless reasons why growing a beard is a good idea. It’s great for your health, by keeping bacteria at bay, and some religions believe that it helps with virility and wisdom. It can boost your confidence and make you look at yourself differently. You might just find it to be a healthy hobby that you enjoy dedicating some time to every day.

This is also a naturally built in savior against the elements. Your beard will keep your face warm in the winter, and it will keep your skin safe from the heat of the sun in the summer. Your beard won’t grow overnight, you will have to dedicate some time to it but it will happen. With your efforts it can become something great and impressive which will lead to a lot of compliments and admiration from your fellow man.

All in all, the greatest things I can stress is keep the skin healthy underneath by making sure it’s moisturized so that your beard and facial hair stay healthy, and lastly YOU stay healthy.