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How To Stop Razor Burn On Face In 9 Easy Steps

There is nothing that is manlier to some men than having their  face well shaved. If you deal with clients, having a clean shaven face will leave them with a good impression on them. Unfortunately, there are men who think they are clean shaven only to see razor burn pop up after several hours along with that itchy feeling it can cause. There are various ways in how to stop razor burn.

9 Steps On How To Stop Razor Burn

1. Soften your beard

It is easier to remove your beard that is soft than one that is rough.  The best moment to shave is after you taking your shower because the hot steam will help to soften your bead. To get it really soft rub some hair conditioner in your beard while showering. Leave it in until you are finished with your shower and then rinse the conditioner out.

2. Exfoliate

  No, this is just not for women but it is for men also. Use A facial scrub to remove the potential ingrown hairs out of hiding along with removing any dead cells.

3. Use the shaving brush

With this, you will also have to use shaving soap. Put some water in the shaving mug with the soap and whisk your brush back and forth to form lather. When you use the brush, it helps to get the shaving soap under each whisker to give yourself smoother shaves.

4. Shave with the grain

  One way in how to stop razor burn is to make sure that you are shaving with the grain. Yes, you can get that smooth feeling when going against the grain but you also will most likely get razor burn. It will take more than one swipe to remove your entire beard when shaving with the grain but you will have less chance of getting razor burn.

5. Use short light strokes

  Your chances of getting razor burn will increase if you apply too much pressure so use short light strokes instead of longer strokes.

6. Make sure the razor is sharp

  A dull razor blade drags and tears at your whiskers instead of gently removing the hair. Instead of using throwaway razors get one that you can change the blades when they become dull.

7. Clean your razor blade with alcohol

  Another tip in how to stop razor burn is that before and after shaving, pour some alcohol on the razor and blade or you can gently wipe them with alcohol. This will kill any bacteria that are on the blade and help to prevent skin irritation and razor burn.

8. Rinse your razor after every stroke

  When you shave your face, the razor blade is collecting shaving cream and whiskers and if it not rinsed off the razor cannot make A clean cut. Rinse it with cold water to get it all out.

9. When done rinse with cold water.

  Using cold water to rinse your face afterwards will help close up your skin pores and reduce the risk of forming ingrown hairs and having razor burn.


As you can see gentleman there are many ways how to stop razor burn on face. Take the time when you shave, make sure that your five-o’clock shadow is soft, you are using the right shaving cream, and are using a sharp clean razor you will get a smooth clean shave without razor burn.