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How to Shave Your Neckline: A Complete Guide

Men pride themselves on their grooming habits. One of the more difficult things they take pride in is shaving their neckline. A man can learn how to shave your neckline and improve this sense of style. Grooming is one of the most important aspects that everyone has to adhere to on a daily basis. For men, the dress code as well as physical outlook all have many things to say about the personality that one has.

So due to this the facial hairs that one has all have to be well groomed. This is the part that many might fail and due to this they might have weird looks. The way they shave might make them look awkward if it is not done proportionally. It might seem like an epic failure in the grooming part.

Benefits of Shaving Neckline

For most men, the neck hair if not well taken care of seems to look like its untamed. Some men also have genes that let the hairs that are in the neck region join with those that are in the chest region. This might make them look quire and not many would like this. As a result it is best to have a shave neckline that will be your guide to how you should shave.

Best Way to Shave Your Neck

When shaving the neck, there is the need to have proportional hair that remains and also look neat in the final end. The best method to do this is to have a shave line. The best that we have currently is that you have a shave line that cuts across three areas. These are the ears and the Adams apple that is in between the two. After establishing the imaginary line that you have placed, the best method is to clip and trim all the hairs that are below the region indicated. On top of this, you have to choose the appropriate length of hair that you should trim and cut off. This will ensure that the hair that you leave will all be equal and all have the same length.

Where to Shave the Neckline

When you are right in front of the mirror, the best way is to put your head straight as you face the mirror. Once you have done this, the best way is to tilt your head down backwards and then place your hand on the Adam’s apple. Any hair that are below this region all have to be trimmed and cut. Once this is done, place the equipment that you are going to be trimming with at the region and then begin trimming. Move from the middle and then trim all the way downwards moving from middle to one side and once this is done do the same for the other side.

7 Steps on How to Shave Your Neckline

Step-1: Understand Growth

Hair around the neck may not grow in a specific pattern. Understanding the manner in which the hair around the neck grows can help a man learn how to shave it properly. A man should get a mirror and look at the way that his hair grows. He should sketch the pattern onto the mirror so he know how to best shave each area. It is important to try to shave with the grain so it will come out looking the best.

Step-2: Prepare the Skin

A warm towel should be applied to the neckline. This will help reduce the chance of having ingrown hairs. The man has to make sure the skin is clean before he starts to shave. Some pre-shave oil can be applied to the skin to reduce the chance of irritation. This is applied before the shaving cream.

Step-3: Use Cold Water

When shaving the neckline it is best to use cold water during the shaving process. This will reduce the chance of the skin becoming irritated.

Step-4: Gentle Razor

There are some razors that are designed to be gentle because less of the blade of the razor becomes exposed during the shaving process. It is more comfortable to use on the neckline. Some popular gentle shaves are made by Gillette and the Merkur brand. An adjustable razor can also be used.

Step-5: Do Not Over Stretch

Shaving the neck can be a pain. It has a number of curves and angles to get around. A man should not flatten the area. He should try learning forward and tilting the head back just a little bit. Shorter strokes with the razor will also help get around the deck.

Step-6: No Pressure

Do not apply pressure when using the razor. This can not only lead to problems with ingrown hair it can make the skin irritated as well.

Step-7: Clean When Done

After a man has completing shaving he has to make sure that his neck gets cleaned off properly. He needs to remove any soap or shaving cream that is left on the neck. He should pay attention to areas where ingrown hairs are common to reduce the chance of them appearing. A cotton ball can be soaked in a little bit of witch hazel and then be used to wipe down the neckline. The cotton ball will pick up whatever is left behind. He should then rinse the neckline off with cold water and apply aftershave if he chooses.

How to Shave Neck with Electric Razor

Once you have applied the gel on your face, ensure that the razor that you have at hand is sharp. The next step is to ensure that you hold up the razor with your dominant hand. Once you do this, use your other hand to ensure that the skin is tight. Start from your cheeks and move to your side face shaving in a circular motion. Next ensure that you shave the side burns and leave a line that will be visible. The next place to shave is in the mustache area and the region below the nose. Next you have to shave the region below the lip and also the beard region mainly the chin. Next move the neck area and the area below the jaws. After this check in your mirror to get the places that you missed. After apply your moisturizing aftershave.

How to Get Rid of Shave Bumps on Neck

There are a number of steps that you should take to avoid as well as get rid of some of the bumps that are associated to shaving. Prior to going to shave, it is advisable to first of all take a shower more so a hot one. This will enable the pores to open up and also will make the beards softer. Before doing the shaving, it is also best to apply a gel to the regions that you intend to shave mainly the neck area and the beards themselves. This will enable the hairs to remain straight and also will reduce the friction that occurs during shaving.

As you are shaving, ensure that you do this adhering to the direction that the hair in this region grows towards. This will ensure that you do not shave too close to the roots and as a result reduce the bumps associated to shaving. Once you are done with shaving, you are supposed to rinse your face ensuring that no more gel remains on your face. As soon as you are through with this, apply some moisturizing aftershave. This will ensure that the hair that remains is all soft and also the skin in this region is soothed.

How to Shave Neck Without Razor Burn

First of all what is a razor burn. This is a rash that is irritating and is normally accompanied with shaving and appears after the shaving is through. This is normally associated to people who have the roots of African and American origin. The steps here are more or so similar to those for getting rid of the shaving bumps. Have a hot shower and some may say that you wash off your beard using the conditioner for hair.

Take some face scrub and then exfoliate. Use a brush while applying the gel to your beard so that it gets through to all regions in the beard and neck. While shaving, you have to ensure that you shave following the grain and do not apply too much pressure so as to reduce the razor burns. Once you are done, ensure that you wash off your face with cold water before applying the moisturizing aftershave.


These are some tips on how to shave your neckline. This can allow a man to have smooth skin in this area and complete his look. Shaving the neckline can be tricky. When a man learns how to shave this area properly he will have a great looking face and a great style.

For a good shave, the best gadget to use will be the razor that will make the work easier. Proper care of the equipment’s that you use is also key and will ensure that you do not get any infections ensure that your gadgets are all clean and dry.