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How To Shave Your Balls The Right Way

Many men are now shaving their balls more so than ever. They are primarily doing it to enhance the size of the penis area. They also do it to look sexier for the ladies. However, some of them do shave their private parts because of health reasons. Yes, if a person contracts a STD such as crabs, they must to shave their private parts to get rid of these unwanted parasites.

Regardless of the reason, when a man decides to shave his private area he should know what he is doing to avoid any cuts, nicks, slashes or gashes. The following information will explain how to shave your balls properly.

Reasons Why Should You Shave Balls

Let’s face it! The thought of shaving your balls probably makes you cringe. But there are at least two good reasons why you might want to consider it. The first reason is for you, as the hair can be uncomfortable. It can rub against your clothes and pull, or make you sweaty and uncomfortable. The other reason is for your sexual partner. While there are always exceptions, most women find hairy balls unattractive, unappealing and unappetizing. They prefer to touch skin that is smooth and silky.

You might already be doing some sort of personal grooming, but if you haven’t yet tried it, then you might be finding the idea of getting a blade anywhere near your boys a bit terrifying. But take a deep breath and read on. Being prepared and well informed on what to expect is half the battle. Do consult any applicable significant others before taking this step, as you wouldn’t want them to be shocked, or worse, disappointed, by finding your genital area drastically changed. With that taken care of, read on.

Steps on How to Shave Your Balls

1. Clean your Private Areas

When a guy decides to shave their private parts. They should clean their private parts. They should        start with their butt and then clean their pelvic area. Once they clean these parts of their body they       should dry them off thoroughly. It is very important for a male to clean their private areas before            they go and decide to shave their nuts.

  2. Use a  Shave Gel

While the warm temperature of the shower does allow your skin to soften, as well as loosen up and remove dirt and body oils and the water will help as a natural lubricant to prevent the hairs from pulling, lathering up with your normal bar soap just won’t do the job. You will need to use a shaving gel, which is eminently more moisturizing. Be sure to choose one that is free of alcohol, but does contain aloe, which can help prevent irritation. The skin in this area is particularly delicate.

3. Choose the Right Equipment

As with any other endeavor, maybe even more so in this case, having the very best equipment for the job is a must. Besides the shaving gel, you will need a good razor with a new blade, or an electric shaver. As for which one to choose that generally comes down to how closely you want to shave. Trimmers are usually easier, not to mention safer. On the other hand, razors will give you a much closer shave, resulting in smoother skin, but they do require a steadier hand. Do NOT use a straight razor, don’t even think about it. That’s just asking for trouble.

If you do decide on using a razor, the general rule is more blades are better than fewer.

As far as the shaving cream or gel goes, whatever you usually use is probably fine. However, one thing to consider is scented vs. unscented. The skin on your balls is much more sensitive than the skin on your face, and scented lotion could possibly cause a reaction such as irritation or rash.

4. Pre-Trim the Hair

If you’ve ever had to shave off your beard before, you understand that trimming it first to a manageable length with scissors helps to minimize pulling on the hairs, something that can be quite painful. The less irritation you cause to your sensitive ball skin the better.

How Pre-Trim Your Balls With Scissors

Scissors should only really be used for an initial trim, because you can’t get really close without a razor or electric trimmer. But if scissors are all you have, be sure to take your time and trim a little at a time. Be very careful once you are resting the scissors against the skin. While you can’t get a really close shave this way, you can do a fairly good job.

5. Use Razor or Electric Shaver

When a guy decides to shave his stuff, he will have to do so with a razor or an electric shaver. Both of these instruments are great for eliminating hair from a person’s private area. However, if a person does not know what they are doing – they can cause themselves harm. So, the best thing that a  male can do is to learn how to shave before he sets a sharp metal blade near his junk.

 A) How to use a Razor Blade on your Testicles

Applying shaving cream should be the first thing that a guy does after he washes and dries his gonads. A dude can liberally apply cream to his nut area. He should not put on so much that his blade will be ineffective. He should also avoid putting on too little shaving cream because he will be more prone to cutting up his family jewels. So he must follow these instructions to learn how to shave your balls.

Remember that a man’s scrotum is made of soft skin that is strong but has a very thin covering. Since this covering is very soft a guy should make sure to use a sharp razor but take soft strokes. A man should hold up his scrotum while he shaves them. This way he will be able to get a smooth movement with each stroke that he takes.

As a man shaves his testicles with a razor he should start from top and work his way to the bottom. He should remove his pelvic hair and then work on the hair on his penis and then his dangly bits. Keep in mind that a guy can do this activity within a tub full of hot water for best results. Some men might not agree but hot water does help when he shaves his nutty buddies.

B) How to use an Electric Razor on your Testicle

An electric razor is a great device for shaving a man’s nuts. He will not have to use shaving cream. Instead, he should carefully cut the hair on his private area by easily guiding the shaver over his nutty parts. An electric razor might not be able to effectively to remove all the hair. A guy might have to use a razor to complete the job.

Once a guy takes off the hair, their nuts should have a smooth and soft feel. If there is stubble, then they should re-shave their nut areas until it is silky smooth. A guy should use his wife’s opinion to figure out if his nuts are shaved to perfection. This type of practice is not for everyone but a guy who learns how to shave balls and is brave enough to go through it; should get a good reward from his special lady.

6. Use Tonic or balm After You Shave Your Balls

When you’re finished shaving, use an after shave tonic or balm to help prevent ingrown hairs, and reduce itching and irritation. Look for a lotion that contains aloe or camphor as these are great soothing agents. You can also use them daily between shaves to keep things feeling nice.

7. Keep Your Hand Steady

As you probably know from shaving your face, a shaky hand can lead to cuts. Your balls and penis have many wrinkles and folds that can be easily cut. You really, really, don’t want to cut yourself down there. That will hurt. A lot. So keeping your hand steady is really important here. Stay confident, and use smooth and steady strokes. Because those areas can trap large amounts of bacteria, even a small laceration can cause serious health conditions.

If you do happen to nick yourself, don’t panic. And don’t worry, you aren’t alone. A 2012 study conducted by the University of California at San Francisco, found that the most common injuries sustained during pubic hair grooming that were treated in emergency rooms were cuts.

But if this does happen to you, just clean the cut area thoroughly with soap and water, and (ouch, sorry) alcohol. If the cut is superficial, just apply pressure with toilet paper or a damp cloth to let it clot. But if it’s a more serious cut, and the bleeding hasn’t stopped after about 15 minutes, or if the blood from the cut appears to be pulsating, do call your doctor. Serious cuts may require stitches. (More ouch.)

How To Shave Your Balls With a Razor

If your goal is to get nice and smooth, the best way to shave is in the same direction as the hair growth. Going against the grain can cause after-shave stubble and even ingrown hairs. Doing it this way will also cause less irritation and fewer bumps, that can be caused by hair that isn’t used to going in that direction.

Start with the hair under your penis. It can help a lot if you are hard when you shave, as this will help smooth out the skin and make it tighter. Hold your penis up and work your way all around the shaft. Then lift your testicles up and out, stretching out the skin. Remember to go with the grain.

How to Prevent Cutting Yourself

The best thing is to simply prevent cuts from happening in the first place. There are some tricks you can use to help with this. Using your non-dominant hand, pull the skin taut to stretch out the folds. A smooth surface will be much easier to shave and less likely to cause a slip.

Standing over a mirror in a well-lit bathroom can help. You can try placing it on the toilet seat (close it first, but you knew that) and then lift one leg up onto the seat. This can help you see the areas that you can’t see just looking down, and can help you get all the tricky angles. You might want to practice the coordination of this with an empty razor first.


Shaving your balls is a good grooming habit both for your own comfort and for the pleasure of your sexual partner. How to shave your balls can be tricky, and should be done with a steady hand. Take a hot shower first to soften the hair, and use a good cream or gel. Using an electric razor with multiple blades is the best way to shave your balls. The hair should be trimmed with scissors first, keeping the skin taught to reduce the possibility of cuts and irritation. If a cut does happen, treat it immediately and call your doctor if the cut is serious. Finish up with a soothing balm of aloe or camphor.