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How To Shave Without Shaving Cream?

Despite what other people say… you don’t need shaving cream for a shave. How to shave without  shaving cream is as easy as 123. Whether you’re out to save a buck, ran out and have no more dough, or are stuck in a situation where a large can or travel-sized pack is out of reach… shaving without cream is possible. (Called “The Naked Shave”.). And, believe it or not, it’s also more enjoyable!

Things to Gain When Shave Without  Cream

  • The going rate for gels, creams, and foams can add up a lot in the course of the year. Forgoing these expenses saves you a lot of moolah.
  • Shaving cream doesn’t “stunt” hair growth, or make it go slower. This is a marketing myth made by marketers to make a buck. Lather is just a barrier between you and the blade.
  • Shaving cream, foam, and gels dull your blades out. Imagine not having to shell money out every other week/month.
  • Saves time. You might not think that’s a lot of time. A quick lather here, a smooth lather there. It takes me 15-20 seconds to fully lather up my shaving areas. That’s a minute to half a minute spent just on lathering! Crazy, right? I’d rather spend that time trying to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.
  • It is the best option for people with sensitive skin, as “wet shaving” usually has you removing a small layer of skin razors are used on.
  • Reduces chances of in-grown hairs

Now, how do you actually shave without cream? Easy! Read on to find out just how.

How to Shave Without Shaving Cream


1. Use an electric razor

Trust me. Do you want your face (or legs or other, intimate spots) covered in razor bumps, cuts, and blood? Thought so.

2. Take a hot shower

Prolonged showers, if you didn’t know by now, make your skin nice and moist and elastic. This elasticity is the gatekeeper between you and blind-searing pain. Otherwise, the razor burn is so excruciating, you won’t even THINK of the benefits of naked shaving.

Hot water also softens your hair, making them ripe for the shaving. Even when I use foam, I still wet-ten the hairs with hot water – then apply the foam. Then I discovered the joys of shaving without cream, and I’m a believer.

3. Clean

Cleaning your face softens up your hairs and get rid of dirt molecules. Then, be sure to clean your razor. This should be standard practice, any way, but it’s savvy to double-check that your razor is clean. I’ve made the mistake of shaving my face… with… bits of last week’s hair strands gliding across my face. Not cool.

4. Get Shaving

Pull your skin taut and start shaving. If you have a foil electric razor, going with or against the grain isn’t as important as which route is the least painful to you.

However, if you have a rotary razor? It’s probably second nature to you by now to use circular motions. Those same motions apply here.

5. Moisten

Apply moisturizer to your face immediately, just as you would with shaving cream, foam, or gel.

6. Cool Down The Shaver

Anything electric gets hot – that’s a given. So be sure not to be too anal about ensuring every single hair is shaved. We don’t that shaver burning you, do we? That’s why being precise, and thorough (as quickly as possible) is key.

It goes without saying that most human beings, will have to perform the act of shaving either on their faces, arms, legs, privates, or anywhere that they want to eliminate hair. Shaving is as natural of an occurrence as breathing. Some individuals may have to shave every day, while others only have to do so a few times a week. No matter what your situation, the following will help your shaving routine.

Can You Shave Without Shaving Cream?

It goes without saying that most human beings, will have to perform the act of shaving either on their faces, arms, legs, privates, or anywhere that they want to eliminate hair. Shaving is as natural of an occurrence as breathing. Some individuals may have to shave every day, while others only have to do so a few times a week. No matter what your situation, the following will help your shaving routine.

The response for this is a straightforward yes. Without question, prior to the invention of shaving soaps in 3000 BC, individuals had to come up with creative ways to help with their shaving routines. The modern day form of shaving cream hit the store shelves in 1949, created by a USA market named Carter-Wallace. This form of shaving cream was distributed from a tube instead of the recognizable can and in the earliest civilization eras, shaving cream was as made up of animal fat and wood alkalai.

How to Shave Your Legs Without Shaving Cream?

Shaving your legs without shaving cream is a simple task. What you will need to get started is some warm water in a container, a towel, a fresh razor, and a lathering agent such as shampoo or soap. Taking care of one leg first, wet the surface, lather up, and shave against the grain. Repeat this for the other leg. This will give you the same satisfaction as if you were using shaving cream, and it is less expensive.

This procedure can also be done with dish soap, bar soap, liquid soap, hair conditioner, and even with just water.

5 Easy Steps on How to shave your legs without shaving cream:

Step-1: Wet your legs for soften and moisten by using water .

Step-2: Use soap or liquid soap and water, then rubbing vigorously. Spread the leather perfectly over your legs.

Step-3: Shaving slowly with a nice razor. Start from your ankle and shave against the grains. Give short strokes ( 2 to 3 inches). Reapply soap and water if needed.

Step-4: Rinse the soap gently from your legs.

Step-5:  Dry your legs.

How to Shave Your Pubic Hair Without Shaving Cream?

Shampoo and soap work for this zone of your body just as well as the others, but as a precautionary measure you ought to avoid items that contain cocoa butter or Shea butter or are intensely perfumed in this area. One thing you should ensure when shaving the region is that you do not have a dull razor and do have enough water that the skin doesn’t dry out while being shaved.

Since the area is less exposed to the elements, the utmost care should be taken when attempting to shave that site. Depending on your preference or even the thickness or coarseness of the pubic hair, avoiding shaving upward because shaving bumps are a common occurrence in the area. Shaving slowly and with the grain is always the best strategy.

How to Shave Your Face Without Shaving Cream?

Shaving your face is presumably the least demanding thing to do in different ways on the grounds that the face is presented to razors more regularly than some other body parts that were specified.

You can shave your face with cleanser and water, just water, dish cleanser and water, electric razor, straight razor and water, straight razor and cleansers, or the way our forefathers did with with a container, bar of soap, and shaving brush. Easy to do with almost no trouble.

On the off chance that you find that you’re a masculine man or lady and needn’t bother with any senseless mass produced shaving implements, simply grab out the old switchblade knife and shave away or never shave at all, the choice is yours.

Is it Terrible to Shave Without Shaving Cream?

It is doubtful that anyone can say with certainty that it is terrible to shave without shaving cream, since the fact is that shaving cream, as we know it today, was not always available to us.

The primary reason for shaving cream is to keep the hair you’re shaving wet and lubricated to make for a simpler, closer shave with less razor burn. Any of the other products mentioned can have the same effect as shaving cream and do precisely the same job, some for less money even.


You’ve just learned how to shave without shaving cream ! Wasn’t as bad as you imagined, was it? All we’ve done is eliminate the shaving cream.

But, there’s one thing I suggest: shave your most sensitive areas first, like the neck, when the razor is cool. As it gets hotter the longer its used, the more hair particles build up… making shaving more harsh the longer it takes.

The main issue for this is there are various ways that you can shave without the utilization of shaving cream. Whether you choose not to use shaving cream either in light of the fact that it isn’t in the financial plan, or perhaps you simply don’t care for it and want to try different ways. There are many different items to help with your shaving routine, the choice to use shaving cream or not is up to you.