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Secrets of How To Shave Pubic Hairs

Shaving pubic hair gives one a feeling of being clean and freshness. Women especially love to shave during summer to rock their swimsuits and bikinis. Therefore it is important for one to learn the secrets of how to shave pubic hairs correctly without leaving bumps. There are probably few health issues that cause as much controversy as that dedicated to shaving pubic hair.

The good news in this is that for the most part, whether to do it or not is almost entirely a matter of personal preference. Some women do it, and others don’t. And to make things more complicated, they do or don’t for still more reasons. Again, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Why Shave Pubic Hair?

Some women shave their pubic hair for the hygienic effects. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no medical evidence that there is any benefit to this. In fact, there are more reasons for not shaving than there are to do so. Many women shave their pubic hair in order to make themselves appear more “kept” when they are wearing swimsuits.

This might or might not be so, but regardless, most studies show that the modification of pubic hair is a matter of age, with younger women doing it more often than those who are older. It so happens that the first salon to offer “Brazilians” was in New York City in 1987, and although that number has grown exponentially since then, there is really no verifiable statistics on numbers.

How to Shave Pubic Hairs for the First Time?

If you happen to not be partial to having a stranger in a back room drip hot wax on your privates, you might want to consider doing it yourself, whether it be the first time or not. Regardless, the best thing to remember when you attempt it is to take it slow and easy. After all, shaving your pubic hair can be very safe if you do it right, or done wrong it can cause you major problems.

The first thing you should do is consider the shape, if any. Many women like to trim their pubic hair into some kind of shape, like a heart or a “landing strip,” which is simply a strip of hair–of varying widths–from your farthest-most regions to your navel. You can even buy templates online or in adult bookstores to help you with this.

Once you have decided what shape you want, it’s usually a good idea to begin with a general trim. This is best accomplished with a razor that has a length guide. Once you get the hair down to 1/4 inch or less, it’s time to get into the shower for a more thorough job. You should use a shaving cream to get everything soft before you start, but after you do, you should only use a very sharp razor.

You should use a razor that has a built-in moisturizing strip. You should use one hand to keep the skin taught, while you use the razor with the other. Always shave in a motion that goes with the way the hair grows, and never against it. When you are done, rinse yourself off good, then pat dry. Finally, use baby oil or a lotion with aloe vera. Avoid using anything with a scent since it would probably irritate your skin.

The Best Way to Shave Pubic Hair

Once you get the idea of shaving your pubic hair, it is usually pretty easy to do it on a regular basis. Regardless of how often you do it, you should exercise caution since there is always the danger of infections in the hair root, burning, redness, and ingrown hairs.

If you decide not to use a razor, but instead elect to use an electric razor you obviously don’t need to bother using shaving cream, and this method is actually safer for you than a regular razor.

Also, be careful if you consider using cream hair removers (depilatories) as sometimes they can cause chemical burns. And if you do select a hair remover, make sure you check the instructions to make sure the one you select is safe to use on your vulva. And don’t leave the cream on longer than the instructions say.

Secrets of How to Shave Pubic Hairs

  • Trim Your Hair

Before shaving your pubic hairs, one should trim them nicely using a clean pair of scissors. Trimming long hair ensures the razor won’t get clogged. While cutting pull the hairs upwards then cut with a sharp scissor.

  • Take a Shower

Taking a shower softens the hair follicle hence making the coarse hair easy to shave. Alternatively one can cover the areas with a damp cotton piece of cloth for a few minutes to soften the hairs.

  • Shaving Gel

Before shaving, choose your shaving gel well. Since the pubic area is a sensitive place, do not use sensitive shaving creams. Use shaving gels that are specifically recommended for shaving  pubic hairs. Do not lather your hair with scented gels because they may cause irritation or infections.

  • Get a Good Razor

After lathering your hair, get a good quality razor to shave. New razors are the best since they are sharp and have new blades which are not corroded by water. Do not buy cheap razors instead invest in a razor with a pivot head and multiple blades for a smooth, close shave.

  • Shave

This is the most important part of the procedure. When shaving your pubic area ensure you hold your skin tightly since the pubic skin is loose. Stretch and hold firmly and shave from the navel downwards. While shaving it is important to shave towards the direction which the hair grows. This helps minimize bumps after shaves.

Shave gently ensuring that an area is not over shaven. Lastly, do not forget to shave between your but crack. It may sound gross, but it is personal grooming.

  • Cleanse and Moisturize

After shaving, rinse your pubic area with clean water and pat it with a dry clean towel. Then moisturize the area with a mild unscented lotion.

Lastly, clean your mess; do not leave your pubic hairs in the sink because they can cause clogging. Also, clean your razor and scissors and put them in a dry place away from moisture to avoid getting blunt.

How to Shave Pubic Hairs Without Itching

Many women won’t shave their pubic hair or hesitate before they do for one common reason: itching. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why shaving pubic hair causes itching and several ways to attempt to prevent it. Put simply, shaving in and of itself can cause itching. It’s that easy. If after one attempt at shaving you find yourself itching, it’s probably a good idea not to do it again.

For other women, itching only becomes a problem after their pubic hair starts to grow back. Again, this should be considered a natural byproduct of shaving. If you don’t want to tolerate the discomfort of itching, don’t shave. It’s that easy. If you do have itching and it persists for more than a few days, it might be a good idea for you to contact your doctor for help.

Best Razor to Shave Pubic Hair

It doesn’t take long in the health care section of your local market to learn that the choices of razors is mind-boggling. There are so many different types of razors, each with their own features, that it’s difficult to make a choice. Generally speaking, however, picking a razor that you should use to shave your pubic hair is not much more difficult than that which you use for your underarms and leg. Fortunately, shaving your underarms and legs is much like that as for your pubic hair.

In most cases, a good razor for use on your pubic hair will consist of several blades in one head. Ideally, it should also have a moisturizing strip on the head of the razor to apply protection that you lose when you use the razor over the shaving cream. Finally, and above all else, your razor should be very sharp. Don’t be tempted to use a razor that you have been using for a while, even if you did just use it on other parts of your body or, God forbid, your husband or boyfriend just used it on his face. by the time any of this has happened, it’s not sharp enough for you to use on your pubic hair.

Tips while Shaving Your Pubic Hairs

  • Use the recommended shaving gel for your gender. If you are female, do not buy male products. Female products are gentler and may not work on men.
  • Do not shave in different directions
  • Wait for around three to four days before your next shave to avoid irritation
  • Be careful when shaving to avoid cutting yourself during the procedure
  • In case of bumps and itchiness, do not scratch because this will only worsen the itch.
  • Shaving is better when one is taking a shower than a bath because you can stretch your legs making it easier to reach every corner.
  • Shaving does not necessary mean shaving the area clean, and one can get creative and shave their hair into their desired designs
  • Women should avoid shaving while on their periods because the skin is very sensitive during that time.


Following these tips and tricks of how to shave pubic hairs will leave your pubic area smooth, with no itchiness or bumps. It will also reduce the risk of bad odor because there is enough air circulation in the region. Lastly it will boost ones confidence level because a shaved pubic area is healthier and cleaner.

Most medical professionals agree that although shaving your pubic hair does present some dangers when you do it correctly it is perfectly safe. And done for the right reasons, it might even do your mind some benefit.