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7 Tips on How to Shave Male Pubic Hair

Do you want to know how to shave male pubic hair? There are many benefits of shaving male pubic hair. They include improved hygiene and confidence levels. That’s because excess male pubic hair can lead to itchiness on your pubic area. However, you should be careful when shaving this area. That’s because it’s a sensitive area. That means you should take extreme care not to hurt yourself. This guide gives you 7 tips on how to shave male pubic hair. They are:

Devices and Products
  • The first step it to select the best razor blades. They should be sharp to prevent them from pulling off your pubic area’s hair. You should also buy a pair of scissors. Scissors enable you to cut big hair first, while the razors come in later for shaving the fine pubic hair.
  • You should also have shaving creams, which should be ideally mild. Consider choosing well-known razor blade brands. That enables you to avoid surprises, especially when shaving your pubic area.
Take Care
  • You should make sure you are very careful when shaving your pubic area. That’s because it’s a very sensitive area, for example, your family jewels are just around.
Steamy Shower
  • The next step is to take a steamy shower. You can either take a full shower or just wash the pubic area with warm water.
  • The time you decide to take will depend on your schedule. Steamy showers enable the pubic hair to become softer and easier to shave.
Apply Shaving Cream
  • You should then apply shaving cream on your pubic area. Make sure you use enough cream. That ensures your shaving goes on smoothly.
Shaving Direction
  • Make sure you start from your shaft. You should then shave around your member, continuing all around your pubic area.
Rinse the Area
  • You should then rinse this area properly. That enables you to get rid of dead skin and also excess oil or shaving cream.
Dry It
  • The final step is to dry your pubic area. Consider using moisturizers and powders for the best results. They enable you to reduce itchiness and friction.

What to Consider When Shaving Male Pubic Hair

  • Make sure you use quality products. That ensures you don’t suffer from adverse side effects.
  • You should also consider purchasing quality razor blades. That ensures you avoid shaving accidents.
  • Check online reviews of shaving devices and products. That’s because you are going to use them on sensitive areas. You also need to have peace of mind when using them.
  • Consult your doctor if you experience side effects that last more than a few days. It enables you to avoid minor infections turning into serious health effects.
  • You should also consider using familiar brands when shaving your pubic area. One tip is by purchasing products from the same manufacturer.


The above guideline on how to shave male pubic hair should make you think of shaving this hair. Check your budget estimates to ensure your choose the best products.