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7 Tips on How to Shave Leg Properly

Many people shave their legs in a hurry. That’s during morning hours as they take a quick shower. However, this strategy leads to skin irritations in their leg areas as a result of accidents. That’s because your skin needs time to recover from regular shaving. Keep in mind that the best time to shave is during night hours. That’s because it enables your skin to recover while you sleep. Fortunately, this guide gives you 7 tips on how to shave leg.

How to Shave Leg Properly

  • Blade Number

One tip on how to shave leg is using razors with at least three blades. That’s because they enable you to have smooth results while shaving. They also allow you to shave sensitive skin areas such as your knees and ankles. Single blade razors are ideal only if you are travelling. Those with at least three blades enable you to lift your hair and shave it lower.

  • Use Warm Water

Another tip on how to shave leg is by using warm water. That’s because it enables your legs hair to soften, allowing you to open hair follicles. Make sure you use shampoo, soap and the correct conditioning. That will help you to reduce chances of razor burns.

  • Change Your Blades

Another tip on how to  properly shave your legs is by making sure you change your blades. That avoids instances of them becoming dull or rusty. Dull blades can lead to skin infections. That’s because they tend to have dead skin cells and excess oil.

  • Shave at Night

Make sure you shave at night. That enables your skin to recover as you sleep. Shaving in a hurry in the morning not only leads to shaving accidents but also reduces skin recovery time. Keep in mind that as you sleep; your skin swells lightly. That enables your leg hairs to retreat to their follicles, ensuring that it grows well.

  • Use Shaving Creams, Gel or Foam

Shaving creams, foam and gels ensure that there is a barrier between the blades and your skin. They also enable you to soften your hair before shaving.

  • Shave Slowly

Avoid shaving too fast, for example when using new blades. That’s because these leads to skin cuts and nicks. Shaving your legs in a slow manner enables you to pay close attention to your ankles and knees.

  • Avoid Sharing Razors

You may think that sharing razors can help to save money. That’s if you happen to use the same brands. You should avoid doing this as it leads to infections and cuts. That’s because people shave in different scenarios. You may not know if they cut themselves while shaving in a hurry.

What to Do
  • Make sure you purchase quality razors. That ensures you use the best products when shaving your leg.
  • Check their online reviews. That enables you to find out how previous users rated their blades.
Final Thoughts

Shaving your leg should be easier using the above guide. Remember to check your budget estimates and use the above tips on how to shave your legs properly.