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How To Shave Armpit The Right Way

Your armpit is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. That’s because it accumulates a lot of sweat and moisture. When compared to your legs, face or pubic area, it also has the most sweat glands. You should make sure you take care when preparing to shave it, for example, you need to use a few passes to minimize issues such as irritation. Keep in mind that shaving is one of the best ways to remove hair from your armpits. This guide gives you a complete understanding on how to shave armpit.

The Benefits of Shaving Armpit Hair

  • Shaving armpit hair promotes hygiene.
  • You need to shave armpit.
  • It also reduces the smell of armpit odor if there is less hair.
  • You’ll also feel cleaner overall.

7 Tips on How to Shave Armpit

  1. Underarms
  • Cleaning your underarms is one of the best ways of how to shave armpit. That’s because it has a lot of bacteria and deodorant residue. That means you need to clean it before shaving.
  • Shaving your armpit without cleaning leads to the clogging of the razor, this reduces its effectiveness. You also face infection risks from bacteria if you try cutting hair without cleaning.
  • Consider taking a warm bath before shaving your armpits. That’s because steam softens your underarm hair, while soap removes deodorant residue, oil and any dirt that accumulates from day to day activities.

2. Night Shaving

  • Another tip on how to shave your armpit is doing it during night time. That’s because shaving leads to the removal of your skin’s protective layer. That means it will be prone to infections or irritations if you try applying deodorants.
  • Shaving during night time means you won’t need to use these products. It also enables your skin to recover as you sleep.

3. Remove Dead Skin Cells

  • Another trick to use when shaving your armpit is by removing dead skin cells. That’s by using face towels that are coarse. You should also make sure you use fresh and clean face towels. That avoids instances of you exposing your underarms to dirty towels.

4. Hydrate Your Underarms

  • Another tip on how to shave your armpit is by making sure it stays hydrated during shaving. That’s because dry underarms lead to friction and irritation.
  • Remember it’s a sensitive area. Tips to hydrate your underarms include using shaving creams or taking hot showers.

5. Sharp Razor

  • Using a sharp razor is one of the best ways to shave your armpits. It reduces instances of razor burn, for example, dull blades make you increase pressure on your armpits when shaving. That leads to skin irritation as a result of friction.
  • Keep in mind that most dull razors have dirty blades. One tip is making sure you replace them after every 4-5 uses.

6. Hair Growth Direction

  • Make sure you shave towards your armpit’s hair growth direction. That reduces friction and irritation.

7. Rinse Your Blades

  • Another tip on how to shave armpit is making sure you rinse your blades often. That enables you to avoid infecting your armpit skin with bacteria and shaving cream.

Best Ways to Shave the Armpit

Shave in downward strokes. Go in the shower. The steam will soften the hairs. Take a razor and shave downwards. Pat dry, and then use a cooling balm.

Should Guys Shave their Armpit?

Men should shave their armpits simply to reduce body odor. Plus, if a male (or female) is a swimmer, the body will feel lighter, and a man could swim faster.

Does Shaving Armpits Reduce Sweating?

Unfortunately, shaving the armpits will not make anyone sweat less. Shaving will not affect the sweat glands that produce perspiration. People have endocrine glands. Endocrine glands produce sweat that is under the skin and not in the hair itself. The endocrine glands will always produce perspiration which will continue to spill out of the hairs openings. This occurs even if the hairs are shorter or shaved.

Does Shaving Armpits Reduce Odor?

Shaving does reduce odor. The hair on the armpit traps in the sweat, so an odor will be noticeable. Once you shave the armpit, there is less of an odor.

How to Get Rid of Armpit Bumps from Shaving

Razor bumps inevitably happen. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that can be stopped one hundred percent.There are issues with germs and bacteria. You could use a new blade every time you shave. Or if you use the same blade at least twice, you need to disinfect the blade. You also want to get a cool soothing balm, that has an anti-germ, antimicrobial peptide. This will kill the germs, which causes the redness, which leads to the bumps. This strategy is the main razor bump fighter.

First time shaving armpit hair

Everyone needs to learn how to shave armpit. First, cut the hairs before shaving. The hairs should be at least a centimeter or more. If you put the hair under warm water, the warmth from the water will naturally lubricate the area, and this aids the razor to slide over the skin and remove the hair without pain. You can also exfoliate under the arms before shaving. This will get rid of dead skin, and the shave itself will result in being smoother and closer. Use shaving cream, with a sturdy razor. Shave in a downward direction. Do not shave the area more than a handful of times. Remove any remaining stray hairs with a tweezer. Rinse with cool water to open the pores. Dry with a towel. Apply a cooling balm after. Rinse the razor. Don’t slap on deodorant right away, or else it will sting.

Lump under the armpit after shaving

A lump under the armpit is often caused by cysts. The cysts are usually not problematic and they occur due to ingrown hairs. The ingrown hairs are hard to remove. Luckily, there are some solutions with various home remedies.

1. You can use a citrus astringent laced with vodka to get rid of the lumps. If you use a lemon mixed with vodka, it will bring the lump down. Just apply a healing balm or mild moisturizer before you put on your deodorant once finished.

2. Apple cider vinegar will also work. Use a slightly heated wash cloth and pat it onto your armpits twice a day after showering. The lumps will go down fast.

3. Green tea mixed with tea tree oil and ice is beneficial. Boil the green tea and dump into an ice tray and place in the refrigerator and wait until it freezes. You need to take the newly made ice cube and place it on the lump. Keep in mind that you have to wait until it melts. Do this twice a day until the lump goes away.

How to shave your armpits without leaving dark spots?

You can shave without leaving dark spots using home remedies, yet again. Potatoes, lemon, Baking soda and cucumber, orange peel and coconut oil will do the trick.

1. The baking soda is used as a scrub to exfoliate. It will destroy the dead skin cells which cause the dark underarms. It will also unclog pores. Combine baking soda and water so that that it thickens into a mushy paste. Use this to rub under your arms. Wash this remedy off and pat the area dry. Do this a few times a week.

2. Coconut oil is another good product since it contains vitamin E. Massage under the arms with coconut oil and leave on for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash it off with soap and do this two or three times a day.

3. Orange peel naturally lightens the skin under the arms. You need to put the orange peel outdoors for a few days until the orange peel dries out. Grind the orange peel to power and mix two teaspoons of powdered orange with rosewater and milk. Scrub your arms and apply the paste and leave it up to ten to fifteen minutes. Wash this off and repeat a few times a week.

4. The lemon is a natural bleach. It also has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Apply moisturizer since lemons will cause dryness. Squeeze lemon juice under the arms and leave on for about ten minutes. Wash the area once when finished. Do this a few times a week.

5. Cucumbers also has a natural bleaching property to it. Take a thin cucumber and apply the squeezed juice of it under the arms. Wash this off and repeat every other day.

6. Potatoes have an acidic property agent. It’s a natural bleaching product, and best of all your skin will not feel irritated.


Hair removal, and or shaving armpit have been practiced for a long time. Women, and recently men often shave their armpits. The above guide on how to shave armpit should make it easier for you to shave your sensitive armpit. Remember to use quality products and check your budget estimates when purchasing them.