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How Long Does Razor Burn Last?

Almost everyone gets razor burn at one time or another. It is even worse if you use a dull razor or if you have super sensitive skin. Razor burn is the irritation that occurs on your skin from shaving. It can appear as a red rash or it can be red bumps that are unsightly. Depending on how severe the razor burn is, determines on how long does razor burn last will linger. Initial treatment can also play a big part in how long does razor burn last. They time can range from just a few hours to almost a week.

How long does razor burn last?

A big part of the equation is the type of razor you are using and how well designed the blade is. You must always use a sharp blade. Do not attempt to use a razor blade that you have been hanging on to for several months. Also, be sure that you use a razor that has a sturdy and sharp blade. The better razors have several blades rather than a single blade. Single blade razors are generally only good for a single use. Beyond that, you can almost be sure that you will have razor burn and it may last for a good amount of time.

You are also subject to razor burn when you shave against the way the hair is growing. When you shave against the hair you are going to pull and possibly cut the area. You will end up with red and irritated skin that you will have to treat with ointment or a topical razor burn aid. If you have minor razor burn you can sooth it with a cool rag and follow up with cornstarch powder to prevent further irritation from chaffing and rubbing from your clothes. If you have a more severe case of razor burn you should use a special ointment for razor burn or you can use aloe Vera as long as you apply carefully.

You can also take steps to minimize and reduce the amount of time you have razor burn. If you soak the hair in warm water for a few minutes first, then you will soften the hair and make it easier to cut and less likely to pull. Another great tip is to use shaving gel, cream, or foam that is designed to make shaving easier and less likely to cut and irritate delicate skin. By using these products you will also decrease the length of time that you experience irritation. In fact, you may not suffer irritation if you find the right combination of solutions.


Shaving isn’t fun and can end up being a chore. To make matters worse you run the risk of suffering from irritation and red bumps from irritated or infected hair follicles. You may also experience ingrown hairs too which can cause red bumps that can stick around for an extended amount of time and can get infected easily. Although most of us will suffer from razor burn from time to time you can help cut down on the time the irritation lasts by using the right products.