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Elegance Shave Gel Review

 I have sensitive, acne-pone skin. I have struggled for years with every irritation that comes along with shaving my face and head. My biggest problems have always been razor burn and ingrown hairs. when I go to a barber, I don’t usually have that problem. Obviously going to a barber every time I need a touch up or shave is unrealistic. So I started researching my issues and found out about elegance shave gel.

 I found elegance shave gel right away because it is known as a salon quality product, that seemed to be the best. The elegance shave gel reviews were good so I started looking for elegance shave gel on Amazon. The two elegance shave gel options below, were the ones I found to be the best.

Why Elegance Shave Gel is the Best?

1. This gel provides faster removal with less amount of gel.
2. It provides transparency so anyone can see where the blades from your razor have already passed through.
3. The elegance gel creates a layer between the blade and skin. So it shielding the skin from cuts, nicks and razor burns.
4. Non-skin irritating
5. It provides a smooth and clean shave.
6. No hot towel needed
7. This gel perfectly moisturizing the skin

Best Elegance Shaving Gel On the Market

1) Elegance Plus Shaving Gel, Jupiter

elegance shave gelThis Elegance shave gel caught my eye because it had some of the best reviews. At the barber I always go for the hot towel after a shave. The description of this elegance shave gel says “no hot towel needed”, the more I considered it. It seemed like the formulation is designed to keep the skin moisturized. The clear visibility gel also seemed smart. The gels and creams I’ve used in the past don’t let me see my hair to make sharp lines.

Key Features & Benefits:
  • Dispenses as a Clear Gel for Easy Visibility
  • This gel leave your skin invigorated while preventing irritation and redness.
  • No Hot Towel Needed
  • Provides a Smooth and Clean Shave
  • The Plus Shaving Gel moisturizes, while leaving your face with a smooth & irresistible scent.
  • Refreshing Fragrances
How to use:

Wet the skin. Measure out a small amount of Elegance Plus Shaving Gel on finger tips or directly on the area to be shaved.  Gently massage the elegance shaving gel on the wet skin to get a smooth shave, proceed with shaving then rinse.

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 2) Elegance BluePrint 2 Pro kit

This kit has everything from a razor holder to transparent pomade and gel color. The shaving gel included is 17.6 ounces which is a full-size bottle. Every product included in the kit has high ratings. So it’s the best value for trying the entire Elegance line. The gel color is designed to cover white and gray hairs on the head or face, that easily washes off.

BluePrint Pro Kit Includes:

BluePrint 2 Blu-Ray Disk , Elegance Plus Shaving Gel (Jupiter/Venus/Earth) (17.6oz/500ML), Elegance After Shave Lotion (Pink/Blue/Green) (8.80oz/250ML), Elegance Facial Scrub (Mint (Green)/ Mixed Herbs (Black)/ Aloevera (Blue)) (17.06oz/500ML), Elegance Transparent Pomade Hair Wax (5oz/140ML), Elegance Plus Gel + Color – Black (3.5oz/100ML), Elegance Razor Holder (color varies)

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I recommend the Elegance Plus Shaving Gel  Jupiter, simply because the packaging is so much better. It sits on the bathroom counter without creating obnoxious attention to the bottle. I can put it in the side pouch of my gym bag, allowing me to shave there. Now that I know the product does what it says it will. My next purchase will likely be the elegance blueprint 2 pro kit.


Elegance shave gel has been the best solution for a barber quality shave at home so far. The above reviews will help you take a buying decision .I saw that many barbers recommend this gel and that the kind of gel you use is as important as the razor. I haven’t had irritations or ingrown hairs since I began using the elegance shaving gel.