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Creed Aftershave Review

Creed aftershave is one of the best aftershaves on the market, and it has proven that in the over 250 years since Creed began. Founded in 1760 Creed supplied fragrances and other products to English royalty, only becoming available to the public in 1970. In the many years since its founding Creed has had fragrances worn by plenty of famous members of society including Queen Victoria and John F. Kennedy. Even though they have grown in popularity Creed has still managed to maintain its high quality and prestige.creed aftershave

Why Creed Aftershave is the Best?

  • In the beginning Creed only served high class clientele, such as royalty, political elite, and the famous. Their products were revered for their amazing scents, and their feeling on the skin. This brand was not even available to the general public until the 70’s when Oliver Creed opened one of the Creed boutiques. All of this was due to the process Creed uses to make its products and the time and energy they put into everything they make, thus creating a product that was valuable and usually too expensive for the common man.
  • Creed aftershave is unrivaled by any other on the market. This is due to the fact that Creed uses an ancient infusion technique passed down from father to son for seven generations. It is the same technique that was used when Creed first started out in the 1700s. This technique makes the scent unique is not currently used by any other fragrance brand currently on the market.
  • Each scent that goes into one of Creed’s aftershaves is original and developed by the current, or previous men of the Creed family. The scents have been created from some of the highest quality materials. Each ingredient that goes into one of their scents is hand picked by members of the family. Ingredients in Creed aftershave come from all corners of the globe. Every single scent is mixed and weighted by hand in Paris. This is done by the sixth and seventh generation members of the Creed family, Oliver Creed and Erwin Creed.
  • By using these methods Creed is ensuring their product is the best quality of any aftershave on the market. Each and every one of their aftershaves is lightweight and their scent is original yet still timeless. After applying the aftershave it will seal in moisture and smooth the skin, perfect for all day use.

Types of Creed Aftershave

Currently Creed offers aftershaves in a variety of scents ranging anywhere from deep and woody to rich and fruity. No matter the type, any Creed aftershave you choose to use will be the best aftershave care you have ever had. Sold in an unbreakable container Creed aftershave is perfect for on the go use.


Creed Aventus aftershave is a fine fruity scent fit for a king. Its scent is made from ingredients coming from all over the world. This includes Italian bergamot, royal pineapple, Moroccan jasmine and hint of oak moss among other quality ingredients. Aventus can be found here.

Green Irish Tweed

As one of Creed’s best selling aftershaves, Green Irish Tweed has gotten to cult status all around the world. It is considered to be the highest standard of aftershave. Its fresh woody scent is from Florentine iris, violet leaves and Mysore sandalwood.

CREED Green Irish Tweed After-Shave soothing emulsion moisturizes and calms the skin after shaving, leaving it lightly fragrances. It beguiling blend of floral, green and woody notes has achieved cult status around the world, and is one of Creed’s best selling fragrances. One can enjoy Green Irish Tweed in a variety of body products as well. It is packaged in a 75 ml tube.

Green Irish Tweed aftershave are sold as 1 pack , 2 pack, 6 pack on Amazon.

Millesime Imperial

This wonderful marine and fruity aftershave makes your skin smooth and seals moisture all day. Made from sea salt, Icilian lemon, and mandarin, Millesime Imperial is able to provide a light and pleasant scent that lasts all day.

Creed Millesime Imperial is a timeless classic which is perfect for work or play and it also comes in a variety of body products. This soothing emulsion moisturizes and calms the skin after shaving, leaving it lightly fragrance. This aftershave is clear fresh mysterious scent with woody marine accords.  It is packaged in a 75 g tube.

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Why is creed aftershave so expensive?

Reasons why creed aftershaves are so expensive:

Quality: Quality is one reason they’re expensive. Another is that they carefully control distribution, so it’s quite exclusive. They do smell great.

Made by hands-on approach: Creed is the only major perfume house still making perfume by hand using traditional methods. Most of their production today uses a hands-on approach rather than mechanization.

Use Natural Ingredients: Creed mostly uses natural ingredients and only very high quality synthetics. Natural essences cost more than synthetics

Celebrity Association: Creed has been associated with many high profile celebrities and Monarch’s as well. Legend has it that Creed used real ambergris in their aftershaves.

Have a History: Creed perfumes have a long history dating back to its inception in London in 1760. A proud family that has managed its company through six generations and still prides itself on producing an excellent product.


Using their tried and true methods Creed is able to create scented aftershaves that are the gold standard of aftershave products. All their products are created using the finest products, which create the best most long lasting scents. The lightweight, hand mixed aftershave seals in moisture for the whole day and night, leaving you prepared for anything that may come your way. Since 1760 Creed has been producing high quality products that are held at a

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