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Using aftershave is an important part of a man’s daily routine. There are a lot of different reasons why men use aftershave; some men want to smell fresh and in result, they will feel good about themselves. Aftershave is good for taking care of the skin after shaving. There are more types of aftershave than you realize, which comes in a variety of lotions… Read more

Braun’s electric shavers have made shaving for men a much more pleasant part of the daily routine (and making worrying about running out of replacement blades for your manual razor a thing of the past). These slick machines should be on many a man’s wish list, and here’s what you need to know about whether purchasing a Braun Series 7, or a Se… Read more

If you are looking for the best safety razor, you come to the right place. It seems almost ludicrous to even talk about the best safety razors.There are so many different variables that go into getting a smooth, close shave using a safety razor.It includes the type of blade you choose,thickness of your beard and your experience with safety razor shaving. Afte… Read more

You might be among the list of people who have been willing to switch to straight razors for a while but don’t know where to start. The experience with straight razors is awesome provided you got the right guidance before making the purchase. There are many straight razor kits for beginners that are very good for beginners but first, here are some tips about u… Read more

Long gone are the days of shaving with a regular razor and shaving cream. While shaving lotion can still be used, shaving with an electric razor leaves a smoother more silk like shave than that of its manual predecessors; even the sharp razors. While there are many options available for all shaving needs electric shavers are more versatile resulting in a clos… Read more