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Having pubic hair is something we all have to deal with and how people choose to groom their pubic hair is a personal preference. Some women like to keep it natural, while others prefer to remove it. Shaving is the most common, and cost effective way to remove body hair. It’s important that if you choose to shave your pubic hair, you do it safely and properl… Read more

Many men are now shaving their balls more so than ever. They are primarily doing it to enhance the size of the penis area. They also do it to look sexier for the ladies. However, some of them do shave their private parts because of health reasons. Yes, if a person contracts a STD such as crabs, they must to shave their private parts to get rid of these unwanted para… Read more

It’s now that time to explore the body and learn the art of shaving the most difficult of regions, the pubic area. This experience can teach patience, as it is a bit of a long process, but it is worth it in the end when done correctly. If bold, a woman can go to a salon and get a wax done, but if pain is not her friend she can simply shave herself at home. There are ma… Read more

Many people have hair in their buttcrack. This hair can be uncomfortable and unattractive. There are some tips on how to shave your buttcrack hair that will reduce the discomfort and allow a person to be smooth. Men and women often have hair in this area. They do not have to live with embarrassing hair any longer. The following steps are so important to shave you… Read more

Shaving pubic hair gives one a feeling of being clean and freshness. Women especially love to shave during summer to rock their swimsuits and bikinis. Therefore it is important for one to learn the secrets of how to shave pubic hairs correctly without leaving bumps. There are probably few health issues that cause as much controversy as that dedicated to sh… Read more

One frequent question on online shaving forums is; should you shave your pubic area? That’s because many blogs tend to give only the downsides of this process. That makes people consider shaving pubic area as something which they should be afraid of doing, for example, out of the fear of cutting their pubic skin. However, you shouldn’t be scared of shavi… Read more

Do you want to know how to shave male pubic hair? There are many benefits of shaving male pubic hair. They include improved hygiene and confidence levels. That’s because excess male pubic hair can lead to itchiness on your pubic area. However, you should be careful when shaving this area. That’s because it’s a sensitive area. That means you should take … Read more