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For many people, shaving is regarded as a nuisance, and for this reason, they skip some important steps which would have led to a good and smooth shave. When it’s not done perfectly, razor burn or bumps will appear on your skin shortly after shaving. Razor burn is caused by the use of a blunt razor, or poor quality razor. When the razor you’re using is not shar… Read more

Braun’s electric shavers have made shaving for men a much more pleasant part of the daily routine (and making worrying about running out of replacement blades for your manual razor a thing of the past). These slick machines should be on many a man’s wish list, and here’s what you need to know about whether purchasing a Braun Series 7, or a Se… Read more

Looking to try out a better way of shaving? You might just be surprised as to how effective safety razors are. Safety razors aren’t as popular these days as they were before. They have been replaced with costly razors like Mach 3, 4, 5, 6+ turbo and so on. Yet, safety razors still hold their own charm. While they aren’t as cost effective, they are saf… Read more

One frequent question on online shaving forums is; should you shave your pubic area? That’s because many blogs tend to give only the downsides of this process. That makes people consider shaving pubic area as something which they should be afraid of doing, for example, out of the fear of cutting their pubic skin. However, you shouldn’t be scared of shavi… Read more

Do you want to know how to shave male pubic hair? There are many benefits of shaving male pubic hair. They include improved hygiene and confidence levels. That’s because excess male pubic hair can lead to itchiness on your pubic area. However, you should be careful when shaving this area. That’s because it’s a sensitive area. That means you should take … Read more

Do you want to know how to shave mustache? Mustache enables you to portray a fresh and confident image. However, you need to know how to shave it without destroying it or damaging your skin. The cosmetic market has many products that purport to be the best when it comes to mustache shaving. That means you also need to have tips that can help you when it comes to shav… Read more

If you are looking for the best safety razor, you come to the right place. It seems almost ludicrous to even talk about the best safety razors.There are so many different variables that go into getting a smooth, close shave using a safety razor.It includes the type of blade you choose,thickness of your beard and your experience with safety razor shaving. Afte… Read more

Everyone wants to have a soft and smooth feeling skin that is attractive to look at. Apart from investing on good body creams another way you can achieve this is by removing the excess or unwanted hair. Parts that require hair removal includes the legs which are done by both men and women, bikini line for females, beard for men and the armpits. There are various m… Read more

Despite what other people say… you don’t need shaving cream for a shave. How to shave without  shaving cream is as easy as 123. Whether you’re out to save a buck, ran out and have no more dough, or are stuck in a situation where a large can or travel-sized pack is out of reach… shaving without cream is possible. (Called “The N… Read more