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Women have been using tweezers to shape their eyebrows for years. How to tweeze eyebrows is an easy way to define the shape of your eyebrows and get rid of any unwanted hairs that you have on your face. Tweezing can be done at your own home or you can go to a spa and have it done by a professional. Tweezing pulls out unwanted hairs at the roots and is an easy cost-effect… Read more

What is ingrown pubic hair? When a hair grows back into the skin and not out to the surface, an ingrown hair occurs. Usually, when a hair is plucked, waxed, or shaved, it grows back through the skin surface and outward. When it doesn’t and the hair grows downward and back into the skin an ingrown hair develops. Another word for an ingrown hair is hyper pigme… Read more

Many men are now shaving their balls¬†more so than ever. They are primarily doing it to enhance the size of the penis area. They also do it to look sexier for the ladies. However, some of them do shave their private parts because of health reasons. Yes, if a person contracts a STD such as crabs, they must to shave their private parts to get rid of these unwanted para… Read more

Your armpit is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. That’s because it accumulates a lot of sweat and moisture. When compared to your legs, face or pubic area, it also has the most sweat glands. You should make sure you take care when preparing to shave it, for example, you need to use a few passes to minimize issues such as irritation. Keep in mind th… Read more

It’s now that time to explore the body and learn the art of shaving the most difficult of regions, the pubic area. This experience can teach patience, as it is a bit of a long process, but it is worth it in the end when done correctly. If bold, a woman can go to a salon and get a wax done, but if pain is not her friend she can simply shave herself at home. There are ma… Read more

Many people have hair in their buttcrack. This hair can be uncomfortable and unattractive. There are some tips on how to shave your buttcrack hair that will reduce the discomfort and allow a person to be smooth. Men and women often have hair in this area. They do not have to live with embarrassing hair any longer. The following steps are so important to shave you… Read more

Almost everyone gets razor burn at one time or another. It is even worse if you use a dull razor or if you have super sensitive skin. Razor burn is the irritation that occurs on your skin from shaving. It can appear as a red rash or it can be red bumps that are unsightly. Depending on how severe the razor burn is, determines on how long does razor burn last will linger. … Read more