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Shaving is a commonplace activity for most people, and generally we all know how to shave our legs, but there are still a lot of questions when it comes to shaving pubic hair. Shaving pubic hair (as with all hair) is completely optional, and some people do not shave down there at all. Some people shave pubic hair year-round and others only shave during bathing suit… Read more

Men and women have been removing hair from their bodies for centuries. Body hair is not attractive when it is located on legs, underarms and bikini area for women. Many men shave or wax their facial hair. There are many methods of removing hair from one’s body. This article will compare waxing and shaving and help the reader decide which method is best for them.… Read more

Using aftershave is an important part of a man’s daily routine. There are a lot of different reasons why men use aftershave; some men want to smell fresh and in result, they will feel good about themselves. Aftershave is good for taking care of the skin after shaving. There are more types of aftershave than you realize, which comes in a variety of lotions,… Read more

Many people shave their legs in a hurry. That’s during morning hours as they take a quick shower. However, this strategy leads to skin irritations in their leg areas as a result of accidents. That’s because your skin needs time to recover from regular shaving. Keep in mind that the best time to shave is during night hours. That’s because it enables your skin… Read more

Having pubic hair is something we all have to deal with and how people choose to groom their pubic hair is a personal preference. Some women like to keep it natural, while others prefer to remove it. Shaving is the most common, and cost effective way to remove body hair. It’s important that if you choose to shave your pubic hair, you do it safely and properly.… Read more

Keeping your face nice and clean shaven is not always easy when you want to get rid of all of the stubble without spending a lot of time and effort getting it done. Since most people do not like hair left back after shaving, it is very important that everyone buys the best shaving equipment and best shave cream possible to complete these jobs. Choosing the best shave… Read more

Throughout history, society has had varied attitudes towards beards. They are heavily affected by the culture’s religion and fashion trends. In some religions, like the Sikhs believe it is absolutely essential that all men who are able to grow a beard should do so. Some cultures believe that the beard is representative of the man’s virility. … Read more

Waxing is a common cosmetic procedure woman have done to get rid of unwanted body hair. Unwanted body hair is not attractive and many women choose to have it removed. Some women shave off their body hair, where others prefer to use wax to remove it. Women have their body hair waxed in a variety of regions including legs, underarms, and bikini areas. Waxing is a longer… Read more

Women have been using tweezers to shape their eyebrows for years. How to tweeze eyebrows is an easy way to define the shape of your eyebrows and get rid of any unwanted hairs that you have on your face. Tweezing can be done at your own home or you can go to a spa and have it done by a professional. Tweezing pulls out unwanted hairs at the roots and is an easy cost-effective… Read more