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Keeping your face nice and clean shaven is not always easy when you want to get rid of all of the stubble without spending a lot of time and effort getting it done. Since most people do not like hair left back after shaving, it is very important that everyone buys the best shaving equipment and best shave cream possible to complete these jobs. Choosing the best sha… Read more

 I have sensitive, acne-pone skin. I have struggled for years with every irritation that comes along with shaving my face and head. My biggest problems have always been razor burn and ingrown hairs. when I go to a barber, I don’t usually have that problem. Obviously going to a barber every time I need a touch up or shave is unrealistic. So I started researc… Read more

Despite what other people say… you don’t need shaving cream for a shave. How to shave without  shaving cream is as easy as 123. Whether you’re out to save a buck, ran out and have no more dough, or are stuck in a situation where a large can or travel-sized pack is out of reach… shaving without cream is possible. (Called “The N… Read more