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Braun Shaver Series 9 Review

Braun as a brand is well known for the creation of men’s and women’s electric cordless shavers. This brand has also been recognized as the World’s No. 1 Foil shaver Brand. With different series of their products, they get better with time. As the successor of the Braun series 7, the Braun series 9 electric shaver comes with greater and better features. The key is to offer that close shave every man desires without irritating your skin. The Braun shaver series 9 aims at delivering comfort as well as efficiency.

Why Braun shaver series 9 are the best?

The Braun series 9 shaver is considered the best in the market due to its close shave while eliminating the occurrence of skin irritation. They meet their function to precision and lead to perfection as desired by men and women. It takes less number of strokes to shave off everything even the tough hairs. Other than functionality, the series offers a great design that boosts a steady grip when in use.

Key Benefits and Features :

The Braun shaver 9 series displays features that come with benefits that every shaver desires. They boost efficiency, comfort, as well as convenience. These include:

SyncrSonic Technology

This feature is allows for 10000 vibrations per minute when in use. This is beneficial as it can shave any kind of beard while delivering a better shave.

Waterproof, wet, and dry shaving

The Braun shaver series 9 has four models, all of which are waterproof. However, two of them will allow you shave when your beard is still wet making them ideal for those who love to shave when in the shower. For this purpose, the 9040s and 9095cc meet this objective.

Five step cleaning system

This series provides a cleaning dock system with alcohol as the cleaning agent. In this, your shaver is always ready for use as t is always clean and free from harmful bacteria. For those who are constantly on the run appreciate this benefit.

Best Shavers of Braun Series 9 :

Braun shaver series 9 offers four models in its collection that are designed to deliver on functionality yet address specific individual needs and preferences.

1. Braun series 9 9095cc Wet & Dry shaver:

This Shaver allows individuals to shave when wet as well as when your beard is dry. It features 4-action cutting edge, which boosts diversity allowing you to address different types of beards (addressing both thick and thin). It enhances a closer shave as its pivoting head can easily take on your face’s contours. In addition, it eliminates the risk of irritating your skin thanks to its opti-foil technology. While it meets on functionality, it is easy and quick to clean after use. Click here to read full review .

2. Braun series 9 9093cc wet/dry shaver:

Also allowing for both wet and dry shaving, this 9 series shaver is also very comfortable and easy to use. Its syncroSonic technology allows for fast shaves as it delivers more than 40000 cutting motions/minute. It is designed to boost diversity as one can shave in an up and down movement or straight while still delivering on efficiency and convenience. The hygienic cleaning system is fast with better results. click here to read more information.

3. Braun series 9 9090cc dry shaver:

This shaver is considered one of the best in the Braun 9 series due to its close shaving performance with about 40000 cutting movements/minute while at the same time eliminating the chances of irritating your skin. In addition, it has a powerful battery that is efficient. This allows those who are constantly on the move to have a reliable travel companion. After use, it remains hygienic because of its effective cleaning station. Click here to purchase the product on Amazon.


The Braun shaver 9 series is highly recommended for use despite the difference in beard and hair types. They are also keen to address the needs of individuals who have sensitive skin as they prevent irritation of skin. Those who are constantly on the move will appreciate the presence on a cleaning station.

Final thoughts

With the above benefits, the Braun shaver series 9 collections delivers on efficiency, comfort, as well as convenience. Its key seller is the aspect of not irritating your skin during shaving while at the same time allowing you to shave fast with ease. The collection is diverse with the aim of meeting the different needs and preferences of different individuals.