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Braun Series 7 vs Series 9 : Which Is Really Better?

Braun’s electric shavers have made shaving for men a much more pleasant part of the daily routine (and making worrying about running out of replacement blades for your manual razor a thing of the past). These slick machines should be on many a man’s wish list, and here’s what you need to know about whether purchasing a Braun Series 7, or a Series 9 is right for you (or the person on your shopping list).

Main Differences :

The main differences between these two high-end models in the Braun family are price, and whether you’re looking for a highly effective precision trimmer (especially for men with facial hair). The Braun Series 9 will likely run you about $50 more. The Series 7 has a 3-part trimmer, and the Series 9 boasts a 4-part trimmer (note: it includes one additional middle trimmer).


The Series 7 and Series 9 have many functions in common, it’s hard seeing many big differences between the two. They’re both waterproof, will hold a charge for 50 hours, have up to 10,000 micro vibrations, and include an extra sensitive shaving mode.

Series 9 is Best for Whom?

If you need to maintain sideburns, then the Series 9 should probably be your pick, as it has a precision trimmer that will slide out to help keep your sideburns nicely shaped. The new Series 9 also offers a locking head with 5 adjustable angles (to make your shaving experience even more comfortable), and a Hyperlift Trimmer (not available on the Series 7) that is desirable if you tend to have hairs that lie flat.

Series 7 is Best for Whom?

Most men should be very pleased with all the options the Braun Series 7 can offer them. Cost conscious shoppers will likely want to opt for the Series 7, as the differences between the two are minor.

Final Thoughts:

So the above discussion of Braun series 7 vs series 9,¬†these are two excellent shavers – but basically, the Braun Series 7 should do the trick for most men out there (except for the few who like to keep well-kept sideburns). So save the $50, and you’ll still have the peace of mind of getting a top-shelf Braun shaver you’ll enjoy for years.