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If you are looking for the best safety razor, you come to the right place. It seems almost ludicrous to even talk about the best safety razors.There are so many different variables that go into getting a smooth, close shave using a safety razor.It includes the type of blade you choose,thickness of your beard and your experience with safety razor shaving. After reading the full article, you will know, why safety razors are the top choice of several of the individuals who shave.

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What Is The Best Safety Razor?

When it comes to shaving, every man and woman needs the best type of razor to establish the best, yet safest, shave on your skin. There are so many razors out there that are not safe to use, and they leave your skin cut and irritated. So, when it comes to finding the right type of razor that is safe to use, you need to know what it is that you are looking for in a razor.

You need to find the safest razor that is going to leave your skin in a healthy condition, and there are several types of razors that you can choose from. When you are ready to look for the best safety razor, you will need to start with knowing exactly what the construction of the razor is that they developed the razor with, and the type of headpiece that they use as well.

It is prudent to know that every safety razor has a different length, weight, look, grip, and feel to them, however, the most important part of shopping for a safety razor, is the different types of safety razors that there are, and what type of affect they will have on your skin.

Types of Safety Razors

There are 3 different types of construction of safety razors that you can choose from, and these 3 types are:

– One-piece design

– two-piece design

– three-piece design

One-piece design:

A one-piece design allows for the cutting head, that is part of the headpiece, opens up at two hinges so you can replace the blade within them. There are also a few more common names that many will recognize, that these are called such as silo razors, twist to open razors, and butterfly open razors.

They have been specifically designed with a knob at the end of the handle, so you can open up the headpiece of the razor. The only downfall about the one-piece design, is the fact that they are easy to break because of the wear and tear on the moving parts of it.

Two-piece design:

A two-piece design allows for you to unscrew the cutting head to be able to replace the blades from the old to the new. It also has a knob at the end of the handle, so you can screw the cutting head onto the rest of the safety razor. The two-piece design is favored by several different individuals, since they do not have to handle the blade.

It is also safer for maintenance and cleaning than the one-piece razor, but it is more difficult than the three-piece design, since the soap scum can travel down inside of the handle, and this makes it hard to clean. You also have to make sure that you do not over tighten it when you are closing it, because it can cause a lot of wear and tear.

Three-piece design:

A three-piece design is the most preferred type of safety razor that anyone can use, and it is incredibly popular and recommended. They are very similar to the two-piece design, however, the base head can be removed from the handle. They are incredibly easy to maintain and clean, and this is the reason as to why they are so popular and favored by several individuals.

The only negative aspect of this safety razor, is the fact that it is a bit more difficult to replace the razor blades in them then the other designs, and it requires you to handle the blades a lot more, so you will need to handle them with as much care as possible.

Benefits of Safety Razors

When it comes to using a safety razor, there are many different benefits that come with using these types of razors. These benefits include:

– Gives you an incredibly close shave

– It helps to prevent irritation and rashes from appearing on your skin

– Cheaper

– Painless

These are all of the positive aspects that anyone, who has to shave, is looking for when it comes to shaving their skin. All of these included are what make shaving with safety razors the number one way to get the best shave that you need.

Are Safety Razors Safe?

There is many questions about the safety of safety razors, and the fact of the matter is, if you use this razor properly, then they are incredibly safe to use. When you are using a safety razor to shave your hair on your skin, this razor is designed to help keep rashes from occurring on the skin, and they are also good razors to use if your suffer from acne as well. Safety razors are very safe to use, and to achieve the safest shave, it is prudent that you use these razors properly.

Safety Razors VS. Cartridge

One of the most popular things that individuals talk about in the shaving world, is whether it is better to use safety razors or cartridges. If you are using a cartridge razor, you can only shave at one specific angle and you have to try and get the best shave from that area. However, with a safety razor, you can slightly adjust the angle of the razor to increase the quality of the shave and receive the best shave you need.

Cartridge razors need to be purchased over time, over and over again, however, with a safety razor, you might spend a large amount of money for one, but it is a one time price only. In the end, safety razors still have the best quality and aspects to them, therefore, making them the better choice than cartridge razors.

Safety Razor VS. Straight Razor

When it comes to safety razors and straight razors, it is important to do your research and figure out which one is better to use for yourself. There are many different things to take into consideration when you are comparing the two of these types of razors and they include:

– Safety razors – are easy to use, they are very compact, and provide a very decent shave. They will

last you a very long time, however, you have to continuously replace the blades.

– Straight razors – are convenient to use, is difficult to cut yourself, there are no blades to replace,

and it gives you a very good shave.

These are the differences between the two, and the winner of the two would be the safety razor. It doesn’t cost much to replace the blades of a safety razor, and it will end up lasting you a lifetime. They are also much cheaper to purchase than the straight razors are. So, in the end, the best razor to choose from would be the safety razor.

How to Pick the Best Safety Razor?

To start with, you can decide which type of safety razor best suits you. Usually people would choose between these types:

Closed comb: In closed comb, the amount of razor blade is less exposed to the skin than open comb.Closed Comb razors is recommended for anyone who is starting off in wet shaving.

Open comb : This type of safety razors expose more of the razor blade than closed comb.They are considered more aggressive in shaving.and is used for thicker beards.

Butterfly:This safety razors are one piece and have a twist-to-open mechanism which makes it easier to insert the blade.

Adjustable: Adjustable razors allow for the blade gap to be customized. This is why an adjustable double edge safety razor is an ideal shaver for all types of facial hair.

Slant: This type of Razor’s heads are designed in a unique way the offsets the razor blade so that the razor is shaving at a specific angle.

Factors to Be Consider in Choosing the Best Safety Razor

  • Budget: The first thing you should think about when buying a safety razor is how much money you’re willing to spend. They can range anywhere from $5 to over $200. There are some excellent products in pretty much any price range, so you don’t have to spend a lot to get a quality razor. Our list into price ranges helps you find the right razor that fits your needs and your budget.
  • Beginners or experience: The next thing to consider about is whether you are beginner or experienced. If you are a beginner then  safety bar razors are good for you. But men with more experience may enjoy the freedom of open comb razors.
  • Safety Bar or Open Comb: Safety bar razors have the blade hidden behind a piece of metal. So that it reduce the chances of cuts. Open comb safety razors leave the razor blade exposed and have little teeth that resemble a comb  and help to guide the hairs onto the blade.
  • Long or Short Handle: It’s really a matter of personal preference. Some men with larger hands feel more comfort with long handled safety razor. Whereas others feel that the shorter handle gives more control over the shave. So consider which length is right for you.
  • Razor Weight : Many people feel more comfortable with  weightier razors as it help them maintain better control. Weightier razors make it easier not to apply pressure when shaving. When you apply too much pressure nicks and cuts occur. whereas some people feel comfortable with light razors as they have used disposable razors for many years.

How to Use a Safety Razor

Once you have washed your face, and applied your shaving cream, you will be ready to master the art of using a safety razor blade to shave. You will want to take the first step by wetting your razor and then angling it about 30 degrees from your skin, and this will give you an incredibly close shave, but without any nicks or cuts in your skin. You will want to take your first pass at your face, by shaving with what is called the “grain”, and the grain is the direction in which the hair grows. So, shaving in the direction that your hair grows is called “with the grain”.

As you are accomplishing these steps, you need to be sure to frequently dip your razor into warm water and swirl it around, so you can clear out any of the hairs that have gotten trapped within the razor blades. You will not want the razors to clog up, otherwise, you will not get the satisfying shave that you are looking to achieve. Shave in short strokes as you hold your skin taut, so you can accomplish the best and easiest shave, while making sure to pay special attention to problem areas of the skin.

The next step is to wet your face, re-lather it with the face cream, and make your second pass at your shave. The first pass that you accomplish, is to remove most of the stubble from your skin, and then the second pass is to remove the rest of the remaining stubble that is still on your face. After taking this step, you can continue to repeat it as many times as needed, for you to get the best shave that you desire.

Best Safety Razors by Brands

Merkur: Merkur is a German-based well-know company for developing high-quality shaving tools. They make all kinds of safety razor from traditional heads to adjustable and even butterfly-head models.  Merkur produces the best safety razors on the market today.

Edwin Jagger: Edwin Jagger Safety Razors are eternally popular. Using disposable blades they are a cost-efficient. Beautifully designed, they are available in all the main Edwin Jagger styles. The handles are balanced, with a reassuring weight and feel, giving a satisfying close shave.

Seki Edge: Seki has created an elegant collection of grooming products for both men and women.The seki edge safety razors are the best quality razors on the market.

Parker: Parker Safety Razor products are hand crafted and undergo extensive engineering and quality testing.They continues to innovate and develop both classic and state of the art shaving products.Parker have designed the most stylish and highest quality shaving products on the market.

Selecting the best razor is easy when you have a good list that guides you. Hopefully this article will help you finding perfect razor with requirements for safety, durability, and value for money.

Best Safety Razor Reviews

Best safety Razors for Beginners:

1. Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Classic Double Edge Safety Razor:

Keeping classic shaving alive, this handcrafted, chrome finished, double edged razor is a perfect revival for experienced wet shavers and grooming newbies alike. The extra weight of this razor allows the user to apply less pressure than its multi bladed counterparts, resulting in a smooth comfortable and ultra enjoyable shave.

Features & Benefits:

  • It is best safety razor for Beginners because it is pretty mild.
  • Work slowly and utilize good technique going with the grain, across the grain and even against the grain.
  • Excellent weight and balance.
  • Good value for the money, great first razor.
  • It is easy to open by unscrewing the bottom of the handle

2. Feather Double Edge Razor Popular Bonus Pack:

The Ultimate Shaving Experience Double Edge Razor Bonus Pack Includes 20 Extra Hi-STAINLESS Blades Double Edge Razor poular Made in Japan.This is a fantastic razor for someone who hasn’t quite figured out a DE razor. This is one of the best safety razors for beginners.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight handle, great blades and easy to use
  • This works very well and is easier on face than the merkor razor
  • It is not lacking in quality in anyway
  • Great set for the price
  • A nice carrying case for travel with plenty of blades included.

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3. Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Double Edge Safety Razor:

This double edge safety razor is one of the best safety razors for beginners. This razor gives a close and accurate wet shave with finished results. The classic closed comb head, expertly engineered caps the highly polished chrome plated solid brass tubular handle with the Edwin Jagger name embossed around the collar.

Traditional lined pattern detail enhance this well balanced Edwin Jagger traditional double edge safety razor perfectly performing very close shave results and reducing ingrowing hairs. Each DE razor is supplied with 5 Derby safety blades so the razor is shave ready.

Features & Benefits:

  • The balance and weight is absolutely perfect
  • Edwin Jagger DE head fits all standard DE blades
  • This razor shaves as close as straight razor
  • Excellent balance for close shave
  • Smart and durable
  • Packed in smart Edwin Jagger card presentation box.

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4. Parker 24C  Safety Razor :

The Parker 24C is a heavyweight safety razor with Parker’s open comb head for a close shave. This razor is a smooth shaver. With the included 5 Shark Super Chrome blades this combination will deliver a Barbershop close shave. Many people prefer open comb razors as they are slightly more aggressive than the more popular closed comb models. This is a best safety razor for beginners.

Features & Benefits:

  • It’s open comb head provides an extremely close shave
  • More durable for it’s solid brass frame
  • Long textured handle(4 inch) is good for a sure grip – even with wet hands
  • It’s a heavy razor, but very comfortable.

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Best safety Razor for women:

Finding for the best safety razor for women is easy when you have a good list that guides you. Women’s body is different, and her safety razor must reflect this uniqueness to the fullest.  Merkur made some of it’s models for women.This models are meeting women’s requirements for safety, durability, and value for money.

1.Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor:

Women love this ergonomically-designed Merkur razor. This Long Handled Safety Razor has a chrome finish. Its double edge design provides a very close shave. Its comfortable extra long handle is designed for easy to grip, even when you have long fingernails or your hands are wet.

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2. Parker 29L “UNISEX” Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor:

The Parker 29L is a “unisex” model safety razor. The long thin handle is excellent for women who prefer a double edge safety razor for shaving or for men who like a long handled butterfly razor. The “sure grip” pattern is excellent for shaving in the shower or with wet hands. This razor has a traditional butterfly open twist-to-open design.

Features & Benefits:

  • It’s textured handles ensure a firm grip even in the shower
  • This safety razor is  lightweight and easy to handle
  • It’s chrome plated brass frame for long-life
  • Long Handle helps make shaving easier
  • Butterfly-open design for easy blade replacement.

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3. Merkur Model 38 Hd Classic “Barber Pole” Long Safety Razor:

Merkur barber pole is a  beautiful ladies safety razor with a solid brass core. It’s long handle makes it easy to reach those places that need to be rid of unwanted hair. This model is good for shaving the legs, armpits and bikini lines. So this is a best safety razor for women.

Features & Benefits:

  • It’s double edge design provides a very close shave.
  • It has a nice barber pole handle that sets it apart from its competitors.
  • The safety razor has a straight edge especially great for an extra close shave.
  • It easily twists at the bottom of the handle and eases out the blades quickly.
  • Made with solid brass core and polished chrome finish

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In conclusion, when it comes to getting the perfect shave, with the most benefits, and the cheaper way to go, it is better if you choose to use the safety razors. They will give you the perfect shave every time, they do not cut you very easily, they are easy to use, and they are cheaper to purchase as well. These are all the reasons as to why safety razors are the top choice of several of the individuals who shave.

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