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A Complete Guide On Shave & Hair Removal

Everyone wants to have a soft and smooth feeling skin that is attractive to look at. Apart from investing on good body creams another way you can achieve this is by removing the excess or unwanted hair. Parts that require hair removal includes the legs which are done by both men and women, bikini line for females, beard for men and the armpits. There are various methods and tools that you can use in removing the unwanted hair. Do you want to remove the hair either temporarily or permanently? Well, there are ways that you can achieve this.

The Importance of Shave & Hair Removal
  • Good hygiene

Our bodies sweat a lot from running up and down with our regular schedules and when working out at the gym. The hair in our bodies tends to trap a lot of dirt from the sweat which makes our body produce bad odor. Therefore by removing the hair, our bodies are left clean no dirt is trapped and the pores are opened as well. This in return helps our bodies to remain hygienic.

  • Smooth skin

By removing the excess hair, your body is left clean, and you can moisturize it hence leaving you with a soft silky skin too.

  • Unclog skin

By removing the unwanted hair from your skin, the skin pores are opened whereby in return it can breathe well. This also enables you to clean your skin well in all areas.

There are two methods of hair removal methods. They are the permanent way and the temporary process.

Temporary Hair Removal Method:
  • Shaving

This is a method that you can use to remove unwanted hair for a short period. Shaving does not guarantee complete hair removal as after a brief period the hair grows back and hence that is the reason it is in the category of the temporary hair removal method. The best areas that you can employ this method of hair removal include the legs, the arms and also facial hair in men. Some tools that you can use to shave are the razor blades, double edge blade and you can use the tools with either shaving cream or even soap rather.

  • Trimming

When you do not wish to completely remove the hair from your skin that is where the trimming method comes in. Trimming is the process of cutting excess hair without eliminating it. Some of the areas that you can use this method of hair removal include the eyebrows, the nose, upper lips, beard and the ears as well. You can also trim your head if you want the hair to be of a certain length. What tools can you use to trim your hair? For long hair for example on your head or even long beard, you can use shear scissors, and for the areas that are sensitive and need a lot of attention such as the eyebrow and nose, you can use small blunt nosed scissors as it will not hurt you.

  • Tweezing

Tweezing is a process of hair removal that is applied in removing a small patch of unwanted hair that is growing on the skin. Women mainly use tweezing. When tweezing make sure that you buy long tweezers that you will be able to hold, handle and avoid hurting the area you are tweezing. If you realize that you have in growing hair on a mole on your skin is advisable that you avoid tweezing as it can cause a lot of irritation to the area.

  • Waxing

Waxing is a method of hair removal that is mainly used by women who want to rock a bikini as it completely removes the hair on the bikini line. You can also wax your legs and underarms as well. This method includes wax applied on the area with the hair, then a muslin strip cloth is pressed on the area, and a few minutes you pull the cloth against the direction the hair has grown. This method is quite painful, but it is effective in permanently removing hair for a short period. The other benefit of using this approach is that the hair that grows back is soft and hence easy to remove the next time. If you do not know how to go about this procedure, it is advisable that you seek help from a person who has knowledge and skills about waxing so as to avoid hurting your skin.

  • Epilating

Epilating is a method of hair removal that involves the use of an electric machine known as electric epilator that has small rotating tweezers and is useful in plucking the hair from the follicles. Epilating is another method that you can employ in semi-permanently removing your hair as it plucks the hair from the roots hence making it take long before it grows back. The device is easy to use, and therefore you don’t require a professional to help you remove the hair. Some of the areas that you can use this machine to remove hair include the legs, hands and the underarms as well. So if you are looking for a method that can keep your skin free of unwanted hair for up to four weeks, this is the method to apply.

  • Threading

Threading is a process of hair removal that is mostly offered in the salons. The method involves the use of thread to twist and remove the hair. The part where this method is mainly used includes the eyebrows where it is used to shape the eyebrows by twisting and pulling the unwanted hair on the edges. The hair can stay even for three weeks before it grows back hence making it also a semi-permanent hair removal solution for many women.

Permanent Hair Removal Method

Are wondering on how you can remove your hair for an extended period, well there are various solutions that you can use to take off your hair and even go for years without worrying about the unwanted hair at all. Such methods include;

  • Laser Hair Removal Method

This is a permanent method that is highly recommended as it can make your skin free from unwanted hair for up to three years. The laser machine works by letting the pigment that gives the hair color to absorb the heat from the device where in return the heat destroys the roots of the hair. females. This method is suitable for black women and women who are light skinned, but it does not work well for blondes and white people. This process is quite uncomfortable as it causes a mild stingy feeling on the skin and it makes your skin get a sharp painful feeling. The good news is that you don’t have to go to the salon to have laser hair removal as you can do it in your home with this machine. All you have to do is choose the right device that you feel will work for you.

Types of laser machines:

  • Alexandrite laser

This is laser machine that is designed to be used by all people of different skin tones. It is also used to remove hair from vast areas of the body as well as it has an effect that makes the hair take a long time before it grows back.

  • Yag laser

This is another type of laser that can be used on all skin color tones and hair colors as well. It has been tested and suitable to use often to remove hair on the skin.

  • Diode Laser

This is another efficient system for removing hair. It works quite well on the dark skin as it has less effective on lighter hair. It is also safe and protects the skin when removing the hair.

  • IPL Hair Removal Method

IPL also was known as intense pulsed light is a technology that is widely used by the skin therapists and cosmetic practitioners to perform various skin treatments such as hair removal. The device works by emitting the given wave of light to the areas with the hair on the skin hence uprooting the hair from the follicle. IPL has more power as compared to laser method hence recommended for the people of fair skin and dark skin due to the high waves of light emission that can affect the skin tone of white and blonde skin tones.

Effects of Hair Removal
  • Minor burns

Some hair removal procedures use electricity whereby there are light emissions that are produced in the skin so as to eliminate the unwanted hair from the skin. Sometimes these emissions may not work for some skin color whereby they lead to skin getting minor burns from the light. Also, you may use the shave cream that is not suitable for your skin and hence leads to skin burns as well.

  • Scarring

Sometimes if you don’t use the devices such as lasers well you may hurt your skin, and this can lead to you getting scars that are permanent.

  • Ingrown hairs

Sometimes when shaving you may end up cutting the hair that has curled in the skin too closely which in return makes the sharp edge of the skin to pierce through the skin hence causing an in grow hair on the skin.

  • Skin inflammation

Skin inflammation may occur in the case where you cut your skin unknowingly, and the wound gets infected. It may cause itchiness to the skin redness and also the formation of rashes.

  • Bumps

Bumps may occur when using a razor and you cut your skin without realizing it. The bumps may cause irritation on the skin and sometimes may cause pimples to develop on the skin as well.

Pubic Hair Care

Some of the ways that you can use to ensure safety when shaving your pubic hair include;

  • Make sure you use a mirror so you can see the area you are shaving to avoid cutting it.
  • Trim as much hair as possible with a pair of scissors before you shave the area.
  • You should always take a bath or soak the area in warm water in a bathtub before you shave so as to soften the hair.
  • Use the shaving cream that is designed for sensitive skin so as to avoid irritation after shaving. Such creams contain Aloe Vera.
  • Ensure you use a sharp razor to cut so as to avoid repeating on the same area when shaving.
  • Hold your skin tight with one hand as you shave with the other hand.
  • Shave from the direction the pubic hair grows.
  • After you have shaved, rinse the area with warm water and apply baby oil so as to soothe the area or you can use body lotion made with Aloe Vera.
Mustache and Beard Hair Care:

How to safely shave your beard and mustache.

  • Make sure you get an area that has a mirror and good lighting.
  • Then lather your beard or mustache with a cream of your choice.
  • And wash the hair to soften it.
  • Then using a sharp scissors trim the face hair by ensuring that you maintain a steady hand.
  • Then use a trimmer machine to shave the hair according to the required size.
  • Then rinse the face with warm water and dry it with a soft towel as well.
  • You can use a cream of your choice to moisturize the face too.
 How to Choose Hair Removal Tools:
  • The skin tone

Before you head to the shop to buy a hair removal tool, it is advisable that you know and understands your skin tone so that you can avoid scars on the skin or irritations as well.

  • The area with hair

Some areas cannot be shaved using individual devices, and therefore it is advisable for you to understand the each and every part of the body that requires hair removal and the right tool to do the job as well.

  • Ease to use

Another tip that you must put into consideration when choosing a tool for hair removal is the ease to use. You don’t need a tool that will give you difficulties whereby you end up hurting yourself when using it. Therefore make sure that you use a tool that is east to operate with.

List of Hair Removal Tools:
  • Shavers

Shaver is a sharp tool that are used to remove the unwanted hair from the skin. There are two types of electric shaver. They are Foil shaver & Rotary Shaver. Best electric shaver brands are Braun shaver, Philip Shavers, Panasonic Shaver & Remington Shaver.

  • Razors

These are tools that are used in shaving so as to remove unwanted hair from the body. Some of the blades that are used include the straight razors,safety razors, disposable razors and electric razors which use electricity or rechargeable batteries to function.

  • Trimmers

A trimmer is a hair removal machine that consists of two blades whereby if it slides along the area with hair it cuts it. Mostly trimmers are used to cut the edges of the hair. There are two types of trimmers one that uses electricity and the other one that uses rechargeable batteries.

  • Clippers

Clipper is a device that is useful to cut hair in bulk. Therefore a hair clipper is used to minimize the hair before you use a trimmer to shape is to the right size or a razor to shave it completely.

  • Epilators

This is a sensitive tool for removing hair yet very effective if you wish to remove the hair completely. This is because it works by plucking the hair from the roots hence making the hair take long to grow back.

  • Tweezers

Tweezer is a hair removal tool that is essential in removing unwanted hair from your skin by plucking it. The best places that you can use this device are the eyebrows where you can use it to trim them, or you can use it to remove any strand of hair on your skin.


From the above information, there are various methods and tools that you can use to remove the unwanted hair on your skin. All that is required of you is to choose the one that you feel will be efficient for you.


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